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Dymension Launches Groundbreaking Public Incentive Testnet Program

Dymension, a pioneering blockchain protocol, has unveiled its groundbreaking public incentive testnet program, offering developers the opportunity to seamlessly interact with multiple virtual machines while operating within a unified indexing ecosystem. This innovative protocol, since its inception, has fostered native integration with cutting-edge blockchains Celestia and Avail.

Dymension’s Public Incentive Testnet Program

Commencing in the final week of August 2023, Dymension’s Blockchain has extended an open invitation to developers worldwide to participate in its incentivized testnet initiative. At the core of this program lies the rigorous stress testing of Roller, a command line interface tool meticulously crafted to streamline the deployment of application-specific rollups, commonly referred to as RollApps.

A significant aspect of this initiative is the seamless compatibility that Dymension’s testnet shares with the data availability networks, Celestia and Avail. This unique compatibility enables developers to craft and launch RollApps, leveraging a diverse array of customizable virtual machines, including the highly regarded Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

User-Friendly Interaction and Interface

For developer-testers, engaging with the various RollApps has been engineered to be exceptionally user-friendly. Dymension’s portal, representing the protocol’s maiden graphical interface for users, facilitates the interaction with diverse RollApps. The portal further serves as a comprehensive source of ecosystem-related data, enriching the user experience. Importantly, it empowers users to seamlessly connect to MetaMask through the utilization of the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol.

Dymension’s Development Journey

The evolution of Dymension’s protocol has been marked by meticulous preparation. Prior to the launch of the incentivized testnet, the Dymension team orchestrated a closed DevNet phase tailored for early contributors. Within the framework of this DevNet phase, more than 500 RollApps were successfully deployed and activated. The entire ecosystem was interlinked through Dymension Hub, a meticulously designed system that enables the blockchain to achieve swift 0.2-second block times and rapid transaction execution, all while upholding high standards of security and privacy.

Scaling the Dymension Ecosystem

As the protocol’s capabilities are thoroughly examined within the Celestia and Avail environments, the Dymension ecosystem is poised to expand its horizons further. The roadmap envisions the integration with mainstream blockchain networks, encompassing prominent platforms such as Ethereum (ETH) and Cosmos (ATOM), thus solidifying Dymension’s presence in the broader blockchain landscape.

Previous Funding and Industry Backing

The journey of Dymension has been marked by significant milestones. In February 2023, the protocol successfully secured a substantial funding round, amassing over $6.7 million. The funding round garnered support from industry veterans, with notable participation from entities like Big Brain Holdings and Stratos. Dymension also earned backing from prominent figures in the industry, including Shalom MacKenzie of DraftKings and The DAO Matchbox, further reinforcing its position within the blockchain domain.

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