Elliptic and BlockTrace Forge Strategic Partnership to Bolster National Security in the Digital Asset Realm October 12, 2023 October 12, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Elliptic and BlockTrace Forge Strategic Partnership to Bolster National Security in the Digital Asset Realm

Elliptic, a prominent blockchain analytics and data intelligence provider, and BlockTrace, an expert in cyber intelligence integration, have unveiled a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing the capabilities of national security entities to safeguard critical infrastructure in the face of evolving cyber threats. The collaboration arises from the growing integration of digital currencies and blockchain technologies into global financial systems, which has heightened the need to equip national security agencies with nuanced expertise, deep intelligence data, and state-of-the-art tools.

The digital asset space has witnessed a surge in illicit activities, involving both state and non-state actors who exploit decentralized finance platforms and blockchain technologies for nefarious purposes. This not only poses a threat to financial systems but also impacts national security frameworks on a global scale.

Elliptic, renowned for its extensive repository of crypto identity data and tracing capabilities, is joining forces with BlockTrace, an expert in cyber intelligence integration, to provide national security entities with the insights and capabilities required to proactively counter these emerging threats. James Smith, Co-founder of Elliptic, emphasized the synergistic effect of this alliance:

“The synergy between Elliptic’s extensive crypto data intelligence and enrichment capabilities and BlockTrace’s expertise in cyber intelligence integration creates a formidable force in the fight against cyber threats. Our combined efforts aim to facilitate a safer, more secure digital environment by empowering national security agencies with unparalleled insights and tools to stay a step ahead in this ever-evolving space.”

At the heart of this collaboration is the integration of Elliptic’s robust crypto identity data with BlockTrace’s pioneering cyber intelligence applications. This integration equips government agencies with the ability to develop tailored cyber data solutions, incorporating blockchain, open source, and proprietary data on a unified platform, marking a significant advancement in strengthening national security frameworks.

Having previously achieved notable success with numerous US government clients, Elliptic and BlockTrace have developed a suite of capabilities designed to promote preparedness and resilience against potential cyber attacks. Shaun MaGruder, Founder and CEO of BlockTrace, highlighted the significance of data integration in the digital age:

“In this digital age, the synthesis of data from leading blockchain intelligence entities is pivotal in equipping our national security and other public sector allies with a decisive advantage against emerging threats. Through this partnership, we are harnessing the power of data integration to deliver a comprehensive and proactive approach to cyber defense, safeguarding our national assets and interests against potential breaches.”

Elliptic, recognized as a global leader in the provision of blockchain analytics and data intelligence, has been a trailblazer in developing investigative and compliance solutions for government agencies, financial institutions, and cryptocurrency businesses worldwide. Established in 2013, Elliptic is dedicated to identifying illicit activity on the blockchain and providing actionable intelligence to prevent financial crime in the digital asset space.

The strategic partnership between Elliptic and BlockTrace represents a significant step forward in addressing the pressing need for bolstering national security capabilities in the face of escalating cyber threats in the realm of digital currencies and blockchain technologies. As these technologies continue to play an increasingly integral role in the global financial landscape, the collaboration is poised to provide an invaluable advantage in safeguarding critical infrastructure and countering illicit activities.

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