EMERGE Group and TZ APAC Forge Strategic Partnership for Web3 Gaming Advancement Jan 3, 2024 Jan 3, 2024 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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EMERGE Group and TZ APAC Forge Strategic Partnership for Web3 Gaming Advancement

EMERGE Group, a prominent marketing technology firm specializing in IP and gaming partnerships in Southeast Asia, is delighted to announce a strategic collaboration with TZ APAC, a Web3 ecosystem builder that empowers founders, creators, developers, and institution leaders on the Tezos blockchain. This partnership aims to leverage EMERGE Group’s marketing expertise to accelerate the onboarding of Web3 games onto the Tezos ecosystem.


Empowering Tezos as the Blockchain of Choice:

In this collaborative venture, EMERGE Group commits to providing comprehensive marketing solutions and publishing partnership support to enhance the Tezos blockchain’s appeal for the gaming community. Utilizing its industry expertise and extensive network, EMERGE Group seeks to position Tezos as the preferred blockchain for game development. Noteworthy clients in EMERGE Group’s portfolio include Moonton, Singtel, Shopback, and other renowned names.


Striving for a Seamless Onboarding Experience:

Both EMERGE Group and TZ APAC will work closely to facilitate a seamless onboarding experience for promising game studios. The collaboration aims to create an environment that transcends traditional distinctions between Web2 and Web3 gaming. The goal is to empower game studios, builders, gamers, and ecosystem partners by combining TZ APAC’s full-suite support with EMERGE Group’s marketing prowess.


Shared Goals and Empowering the Gaming Community:

Jason Lim, Business Development (Gaming) at TZ APAC, expressed satisfaction with the collaboration, emphasizing the shared goal of empowering the gaming community. He highlighted the benefits that builders, gamers, and ecosystem partners can derive from the partnership, combining the support provided by TZ APAC with the marketing expertise of EMERGE Group.


Honored Partnership and Dedication to Web3 Gaming:

Roy Kek, CEO, and Co-founder of EMERGE Group expressed honor at being chosen as a strategic partner for TZ APAC’s global Web3 gaming initiative. Kek emphasized the significance of the partnership, citing it as a testament to EMERGE Group’s dedication and expertise in the Web3 gaming domain. Drawing on their successful experiences with significant Web3 projects, EMERGE Group aims to drive impactful partnerships within the gaming sector.



The collaboration between EMERGE Group and TZ APAC marks a significant step toward advancing Web3 gaming on the Tezos blockchain. By combining marketing prowess with ecosystem-building support, the partners envision creating an environment that not only accelerates game onboarding but also fosters a seamless experience for builders, gamers, and ecosystem partners. This strategic alliance underlines the commitment of both entities to drive innovation and empowerment within the gaming community on the Tezos blockchain.

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