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Energinet Launches Blockchain Powered Green Energy Certificate Platform

Switzerland blockchain supplier Concordium revealed its answer for Denmark transmission system operator (TSO) Energinet’s Energy Origin initiative (EnergiOprindelse). The initiative, which is scheduled to debut as a pilot test, will concentrate on giving energy credentials as assurances of provenance for green energy usage and hourly CO2 impact tracking to big power consumers, dealers, and other market participants.

For Energinet, the ability to demonstrate that power is derived from sustainable sources is essential for their profiteering. With the hourly bottom in accordance with market settling, fresh chances should be created for clients to become “green” while setting the stage for power-to-x sector pairing.

Today, the majority of green guarantee certificates for energy are computed based on a match between annual averages of usage and production, with no assurance of matches between sustainable output and consumption. According to a Concordium statement, the core component of the answer is energy credentials, for which a registry system was created, which connect energy output and usage.

Concordium’s CEO, Lone Fnss Schrder, asserts that the company’s blockchain is appropriate for establishing openness and verifying renewable energy. “Energinet and the various businesses that consume its green energy can now record their green energy usage in their sustainability report and CO2 computations, preventing “greenwashing.”

With the prerequisite that certificates can be given at brief periods, the system is intended to manage a wide range of trades by combining them into what is being referred to as Merkle trees, which allows the documentation of their accuracy with a restricted count of blockchain registers. This makes the answer economical to maintain.

While the system enables public authentication of energy certificates, specific utilization and output data are handled privately in the certificates, with users and suppliers having authority over this data.

Late in 2020, Energinet unveiled the EnergiOprindelse initiative and has been testing it with keen businesses for the past year. The TSO plans to implement the answer incrementally over the coming years, beginning with Danish businesses. In addition, the goal is to incorporate other types of energy besides power.

Further to its Energy Origin project, Energinet is working with the EnergyTag effort, which aims to develop a market for hourly energy credentials as tradable assets. The TSO also participates in Energy Track and Trace, which was developed in conjunction with the Elia Group and Elering for cross-border monitoring and mapping and is a precursor to the EU Guarantees of Origin program.


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