ePIC Blockchain and SunnySide Digital Collaborate to Elevate Digital Mining Solutions August 16, 2023 August 16, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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ePIC Blockchain and SunnySide Digital Collaborate to Elevate Digital Mining Solutions

In a strategic move aimed at bolstering the digital mining industry, ePIC Blockchain Technologies, a distinguished player in the blockchain realm, has entered into a partnership with SunnySide Digital, a renowned provider of wholesale services and solutions in the domains of High-Performance Computing (HPC) and digital mining data centers. This collaboration signifies a significant advancement for both entities as they pool their expertise to cater to the burgeoning digital mining sector.

SunnySide Digital assumes a pivotal role as the strategic distributor of ePIC’s UMC boards and firmware, effectively streamlining the global distribution process to digital mining facilities. Capitalizing on their profound proficiency in wholesaling data center assets, fleet upkeep and restoration, as well as operational logistics, SunnySide’s well-established network stands poised to channel ePIC’s offerings to the apt enterprise partners situated within a variety of operational landscapes.

The crux of the ePIC-SunnySide partnership lies in its resolute commitment to enhancing user experiences and upholding elevated performance benchmarks for digital miners. SunnySide’s comprehensive array of services, spanning from consultations regarding data center design to procurement, meshes seamlessly with ePIC’s forte in hardware design and manufacturing. This alignment stems from a shared dedication to furnishing rigorously examined, top-tier hardware that not only meets but surpasses the discerning expectations of their valued clientele.

Through their amalgamation, ePIC and SunnySide are poised to spearhead progress within the digital mining sector, while concurrently bestowing superior value upon their clients and stakeholders. This strategic partnership serves as an embodiment of their mutual mission: to introduce novel and ingenious technologies to their enterprise clientele, thereby effectively invigorating their operational efficacy and financial outcomes.

Headquartered in Toronto, ePIC Blockchain Technologies occupies a distinct niche by specializing in semiconductor and system design tailored for Proof of Work (PoW) blockchains. The company’s portfolio encompasses bespoke mining rigs, coupled with the integration of fleet enhancement technologies aimed at fine-tuning the performance and efficiency of mining fleets.

By combining their specialized proficiencies, ePIC and SunnySide embark on a journey to reshape the digital mining landscape. Through their united endeavors, they aspire to redefine operational paradigms, expedite the adoption of cutting-edge solutions, and catalyze substantial progress within the digital mining sector. In unison, ePIC Blockchain Technologies and SunnySide Digital exemplify the potent synergy that emerges when industry leaders converge with a shared vision of advancing technological landscapes and steering their sectors towards greater sustainability and success.

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