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EthShares Unveils AI-Powered Blockchain Ecosystem for Consistent Passive Income

The main focus of EthShares is the creation of decentralized applications (dApps) that utilize AI technology. Additionally, they offer a multi-currency wallet and a rewards dashboard, as well as the release of an Enigma AI application and a Crypto ChatGPT AI application.

The AI-powered blockchain initiative by EthShares ecosystem has been announced. It generates passive income through ETH reflections and redistributes 8% of each transaction to all $ETS holders. EthShares aims to develop decentralized applications (dApps) using AI technology on a better Web3 user interface. It plans to motivate developers and distribute profits to token holders through its reflection mechanism. EthShares aims to simplify cryptocurrency holding and make it accessible to everyone through a simple method of earning rewards for holding the $ETS token in a crypto wallet.

The launch of EthShares is exciting as it offers an innovative blockchain ecosystem powered by AI for sustainable passive income. EthShares aims to develop Web3 decentralized applications (dApps) that utilize artificial intelligence to appeal to a global audience of millions of users. Our goal is to establish an easily accessible decentralized finance system that is more transparent, secure, and efficient. Experience the financial future by joining us today.

The dividend payment system offered by EthShares allows token holders to receive Ethereum dividends directly to their wallets, without the need to claim the token. This system is of top quality. By implementing the NO ownership contract, the ecosystem becomes fully decentralized, giving the community/holders full control over all decisions related to growth. A range of tools and features are available within the EthShares ecosystem to manage ETS rewards.

Reward Dashboard: The groundbreaking Rewards Dashboard allows users to claim, view, calculate, and track their rewards with best-in-class analytics tools. The dashboard is optimized for both desktop and mobile, enabling users to track or claim their ETH rewards anytime. Charting and swap features will be added as part of Dashboard 2.0, making it the ultimate rewards management tool.

EthShares Wallet: The EthShares Multi-Currency Wallet provides support for multiple currencies, with streamlined UI and desktop and mobile versions. The wallet is designed to help users monitor and manage their rewards, offering fully integrated, multi-reward options. Securely store and manage your portfolio with the ETSWallet, which supports major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Enigma App: EthShares’ Enigma AI app leverages machine learning algorithms to analyze historical price data, trading volumes, and other relevant factors to make predictions about cryptocurrency prices, market trends, and investment opportunities. This will help users make informed investment decisions, adding a layer of intelligence to their trading strategies.

Ethan Crypto ChatGPT: EthShares’ most significant innovation is the Crypto ChatGPT AI app – Ethan, an OpenAI-powered public library of the internet. Ethan is designed to provide answers to any question asked and perform tasks assigned to it by utilizing advanced natural language processing algorithms. The integration of AI and cryptocurrency offers several benefits, including making more informed investment decisions, providing real-time updates on the latest cryptocurrency prices, automating certain processes, reducing human errors, improving transparency and trust, and identifying potential security threats.

$ETS is the token symbol and it functions on the Binance network (bep20). There is a total supply of 1 billion $ETS, out of which 800 million are available for public sale, 150 million are in the liquidity pool, and 50 million are reserved for listing on the CEX. A 2% tax is applicable to every transaction of buying or selling.

Contract Address: 0x5f12D4012185e044B5FEd1B3dBD9B8B1e7Ffb27f

EthShares has developed a comprehensive marketing strategy to ensure the project’s success. This includes 5 CEX listings before launch, AMAs with internal and external communities, shill and trading contests, Twitter campaigns with influential figures, 20 YouTube videos pre- and post-launch, top Telegram callers, crypto marketing, press releases, banner ads on crypto-related sites, and achieving top trending status on CG and CMC for one week. Additionally, EthShares plans to announce strategic partnerships to generate revenue outside of the cryptocurrency industry.

There are three stages in the EthShares road map. The first phase comprises designing and conceptualizing the structure, deploying smart contracts, creating a website, launching a token sale campaign, initiating a marketing campaign, and starting the development of dApps. During Phase 2, the marketing campaign and AMAs will persist, the token will be launched on DEX, rewards will be enabled, the rewards interface will be made available, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko will be added, Certik Skynet will be incorporated, the Enigma dApp will be introduced, and Ethan and CryptoGPT will be listed on CEX. Phase 3 will include charity events, AMAs, viral marketing campaigns, the launch of the ETS wallet, the NFT collection airdrop, new AI applications, Cex listings, and a new roadmap publication.

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