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Euroclear Settles Inaugural Digital Note for World Bank on Luxembourg Exchange

Euroclear, a Brussels-based securities clearing entity, has successfully completed the settlement of its inaugural digital note, marking a significant milestone in the world of digital securities. This inaugural digital note, a World Bank offering on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, raised a substantial 100 million euros ($106 million) earmarked for sustainable development initiatives.


A New Era in Securities Settlement


In a move that signals a new era in securities settlement, Euroclear, one of the world’s leading clearing entities, has revealed the successful settlement of its inaugural digital note. This groundbreaking event marks the initiation of Euroclear’s digital securities settlement service, a development recently reported by Reuters.


This service equips clients with the ability to initiate, circulate, and conclude entirely digital international security transactions through the application of distributed ledger technology (DLT), which serves as the foundational technology underpinning cryptocurrencies.


Traditional Market Structures Embrace Digital Transformation


This achievement underscores a growing trend among traditional market structures, such as clearing houses, to embrace the digital realm. This is particularly pertinent as regulatory authorities increasingly express openness to the adoption of innovative technologies.


Integrated seamlessly with Euroclear’s principal settlement system, a system responsible for processing trillions of euros in global securities, the digital platform rigorously adheres to the European Union’s settlement system regulations.


Euroclear’s CEO Comments on the Launch


Lieve Mostrey, the CEO of Euroclear, expressed the significance of this moment, stating, “Today’s launch marks an important moment for our clients and for the potential of digital assets.” Euroclear’s involvement in this digital venture was substantial, demonstrating their commitment to pioneering innovation in securities settlement.


Key Players in the Digital Note Settlement


Citibank played a pivotal role as the issuing and payment agency in this groundbreaking settlement, while TD Securities served as the dealer. Euroclear Bank, an integral part of the Euroclear group, fulfilled the role of the central securities depository for the issuer, further solidifying the establishment of this digital platform.


World Bank’s Involvement in Blockchain


It’s worth noting that the World Bank, as a prominent global financial institution, has not been a stranger to the world of blockchain technology. In fact, the World Bank made history in August 2018 by pioneering the issuance of the world’s first public blockchain bond, an initiative aimed at exploring the potential of this transformative technology.


By collaborating with a leading clearing house like Euroclear, the World Bank takes a significant step forward, marking an evolution in this burgeoning market. Anshula Kant, the Chief Financial Officer of the World Bank, expressed her enthusiasm, saying, “The World Bank, as the issuer of the world’s first blockchain bond, is pleased to now be the first issuer to participate in this new service which offers full scalability and transparency.”


Challenges in the Blockchain Securities Market


While numerous pilot projects focusing on blockchain-based securities issuance and settlement are currently underway, the establishment of a unified market connecting these initiatives remains an ongoing challenge. Recent data from UK Finance, representing British banks, revealed that despite the growth in digital bond issuance, it constituted less than 1% of the $20.6 trillion in long-term fixed-income instruments issued in 2021.


In addition to Euroclear’s achievement, the European Investment Bank launched its premier sterling-denominated digital bond in Luxembourg, albeit on private blockchains. Furthermore, the Swiss Exchange ventured into the issuance of a blockchain-based digital bond, reflecting the industry’s continued exploration of blockchain technology for securities.

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