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Ex-Facebook Employees Unveil Blockchain Platform that Resolves Common “Pain Points”

A decentralized blockchain platform has been built by Web3, an infrastructure firm formed by four ex-Facebook engineers. As per a media release, the layer-1 platform, dubbed Sui, is meant to permit rapid settlement and offer the high processing capability, low latency, and cheap cost required to power apps for billions of active users.

Even Cheng, the CEO of Mysten Labs, had devouted the previous 16 years working for firms such as Apple and Facebook, which was recently rebranded as Meta. Sam Blackshear, Adeniyi Abiodun, and George Danezis, all ex-Facebook executives, collaborated with Meta’s Novi Financial group to assist build the Diem stablecoin and Move computer language. Sui’s coding paradigm is based on Move, a bytecode language for implementing bespoke activities and smart contracts.

Cheng pointed out that “Available technology has limited storage capabilities and intrinsically dangerous programmability approaches, forcing coders to sacrifice usability and user satisfaction. Sui tackles the most well-known difficulties in blockchain by providing unequaled scalability, superior safety, and a streamlined user satisfaction at a cheap cost.”

As per Defi Llama statistics, Ethereum’s total value locked (TVL) superiority for decentralized financial (DeFi) apps dropped from 97 percent in January last year to a historic low of 55 percent earlier in March. The present value of Ethereum’s TVL is over $120 billion. Sui was designed to address the most frequent blockchain “pain points” by using horizontal scalability to retain cheap gas prices and large trade processing capacity surpassing classic payment platforms like Visa and Swift.

As per Sui’s webpage, an important factor of the layer-1’s primary selling points from rest of the blockchains is its usage of “casual ordering.” Sui, contrary to other blockchains, does not need consensus for a majority of trades, enabling it to do them in tandem and minimize delay. The explanatory paper states that although Sui is intended to function effectively with straightforward sender activities, it does so at the expense of increased sophistication in what it deems to be less prevalent use situations.

Mysten Labs Chief Product Officer Adeniyi Abiodun stated that “Sui’s innovation in software architecture removes a major constraint in previous blockchains: the requirement for worldwide agreement on a total-ordered record of activities. Because most activities are not competing for that very same capacity as the rest of the trades, this calculation is unnecessary.” The architecture, according to the team, will make it “The world’s initial and only permissionless blockchain with horizontal scalability and no system threshold.”

As per Mysten Labs, Sui’s utility cases encompass aiding airdrops to millions of individuals in a specific, cost-effective activity, building creator-owned distributed social media platforms, and creating blockchain gaming interactions like equipment crafting, character smoothening, and battle documents retained on-chain.

Sui’s capacity to replicate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and manage on-chain assets, according to a spokeswoman for Lucky Kat Studios, the authors of the game Panzerdogs, offers up fresh possibilities for blockchain gaming.

Lucky Kat representative said “Envision integrating all of your NFTs into a gameplay, transforming them to unique, usable items, and improving the overall gameplay satisfaction and economics. The NFTs not only transform into a part of the gaming delight, but they also turn out to be a portion of the game.”

Sui is used by SoWork, a metaverse-based digital workplace provider, to mint configurable, modifiable NFTs for its users. In this regard, a SoWork spokesperson said “We’ve made great strides with Ethereum, but it seems that Sui will take things to a whole new level of decentralization as entrepreneurs, customers, and content creators, since it transcends beyond basic NFT issuance.”

Sui will move to mainnet later in 2022, according to Mysten Labs, after its trial and beta net stages. By April or May, the business expects coder engagement on the blockchain.

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