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Exploring the World of Blockchain Finance: SCF Chain Launch Event in Lagos

Lagos, Nigeria – In a concerted effort to illuminate the landscape of Blockchain finance and cultivate a platform for networking among a global community of professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs, the inauguration of the Standard Cross Finance (SCF) Chain is set to take place on September 30, 2023, at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel at 1 p.m., followed by a second event on October 1 at the Oriental Hotel, both in Lagos, Nigeria.


Mr. Femi Awojobi, a prominent media spokesperson for the event in Nigeria, conveyed to media representatives in Lagos that the launch is not merely an opportunity to unveil the realm of Blockchain finance but also an endeavor to foment a dynamic and perpetually evolving financial sphere. This transformation seeks to harness the potential of Blockchain technology in addressing intricate challenges.


Awojobi articulated, “We aspire to leave no stone unturned, thus necessitating the SCF Chain launch event in Lagos. The first day is designated for pre-event activities, while the subsequent day is dedicated to the main event at the Oriental Hotel in Lekki, Lagos.”


Expounding on the significance of the SCF Chain launch, Awojobi emphasized its potential to revolutionize the landscape of Blockchain finance by uniting visionaries, industry experts, and trailblazers. He asserted, “This two-day event pledges to provide a profound exploration of the latest trends, prospects, and strategies in the domains of finance and Blockchain.”


Among the noteworthy highlights of the event are enlightening insights from prominent figures in the industry. These luminaries include William Thompson, the President and CEO of Standard Cross Finance (SCF Chain), who has journeyed from the USA to Nigeria for this occasion. Also present are the African Representatives, Mr. Oluwatoyin Ajewole (Lateef), and the Nigerian Representative, Alhaji Abdulfatai Abdulrauf, among other esteemed personalities.


Awojobi unveiled the event’s captivating elements, encompassing thought-provoking panel discussions addressing Blockchain, finance, and innovation, as well as live demonstrations of groundbreaking technology that is reshaping the financial landscape.


To partake in this event, interested individuals are encouraged to obtain a referral link from an existing user of the SCF Chain App or download the SCF App from https://scfmain.com to register as members free of charge.


Awojobi further remarked, “Without a doubt, attendees will find myriad opportunities to immerse themselves in the vanguard of innovation, explore the future of finance, glean invaluable insights, and connect with pioneers who are molding the industry. Additionally, an exciting raffle draw during the event offers the chance to win a brand-new car and other attractive prizes.”


In Conclusion


The forthcoming launch of the SCF Chain in Lagos, Nigeria, promises to be a milestone event in the world of Blockchain finance, offering a gateway to novel opportunities and innovative solutions. This initiative seeks to unite a diverse community of professionals and visionaries, fostering an environment where the potential of Blockchain technology can be fully realized in addressing complex financial challenges. Attendees can anticipate a two-day immersive experience, featuring inspiring insights, thought-provoking discussions, and live demonstrations of transformative technology. With the prospect of valuable networking and enticing prizes, this event is poised to be a game-changer in the ever-evolving world of Blockchain finance.

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