Figlia Partners TYB to Employ Web3 for Creating a Community with liking for Non-Alcoholic Beverages April 19, 2023 April 19, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Figlia Partners TYB to Employ Web3 for Creating a Community with liking for Non-Alcoholic Beverages

The cooperation between TYB and Figlia will start on April 26. Engagement and awards will play a big role in building up the community. A free digital souvenir that makes fun of the famous Coors Light ad will give TYB users entry to Figlia’s world. Users who have the items will be able to use the site, take part in tasks, and be invited to special events.

Tyler Haney, who started Outdoor Voices and made the Web3 platform TYB, is changing the way brands use communities to grow. The platform takes a new method of direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing by turning the standard plan on its head. Figlia, a brand of non-alcoholic aperitivo, is the first non-alcoholic partner for TYB.

Community members will be able to finish tasks in real-time on the TYB app to make money. Les smaller tasks will give you fewer coins, but the bigger ones, like in-person events, can give you up to 200 coins, which is about $4.00 USD.

With the new Shopify plug-in from TYB, these coins can be cashed at any time on the Figlia site. Tyler Haney, who started TYB, says that Figlia is “exactly the kind of brand they want to use their platform.” “We’re excited to have Figlia join the TYB platform. Brands like Figlia that build with, for, and are owned by their community are the brands of the future.”

Through TYB, Figlia will be able to build a group of people who don’t drink and give people with similar goals a place to feel supported. The relationship between TYB and Figlia shows how Web3 tools can be used for community growth and to support important social goals. Lily Geiger, who started Figlia, wants to build a community where everyone feels welcome.

After her father died of drinking when she was 20, she decided to change the way people talk about booze and build a group that supports this goal. Her goal is to make a place where people in the clean community and beyond can feel welcome, share their stories, have fun, and make connections and moments that mean something.

TYB is an all-in-one community management tool that was made by a team of people who used to build brands. It lets brands talk directly to their fans, get them involved, and credit them for doing good things. The tool lets brands turn their communities into their best way to reach new customers.

The relationship between TYB and Figlia is a change in the way people talk about drinking alcohol. TYB has a unique direct-to-consumer marketing plan that supports and rewards community involvement.

Through TYB, Figlia can make a place where people in recovery and others can feel supported. The relationship shows that Web3 technologies are useful for community growth and can be used to help with important social goals.

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