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FitDoge Unveils Blockchain Powered Train-to-Earn Fitness App

Anyone may make money by working out at the gym with the FitDoge app, which is a train-to-earn fitness program that is coupled with blockchain technology. FitDoge is an innovative web 3.0 migration software that has completely changed the landscape of the web 3.0 community. People will be able to have more fun while still reaping the benefits of the FitDoge ecosystem thanks to the introduction of fantastic features such as a fitness club, coaching, many sports, and a casual mode.

The idea behind FitDoge is straightforward. Purchase a digital wristband and sync it up with the FitDoge app to keep track of your workouts at the gym. Through participation in the launchpad, one now has the chance to get a digital bracelet as a reward for their efforts.

In the single-player version of the game, players have the ability to earn tokens without purchasing anything and do not need NFT to do so. Energy is necessary in order to accumulate FitDoge Tokens (FITD). Each hour spent training and earning Energy is equivalent to one Energy, and the supply of Energy begins to regenerate ONLY once users have depleted the previous supply. You will only have access to three energy per twenty-four hours; you must use this energy to do workouts in the gym in order to earn FITD tokens; if you have enough tokens, you can trade them in on the open market for a pair of FITD and BNB.

The amount of FITD that will be given out for each minute of movement is determined by two primary elements, which are as follows:

Profile level – Those who have invested FITD tokens will be able to level up considerably and those who train more and level up more quickly will receive additional rewards.

Training hard: You will be awarded with more tokens if you exercise harder. Your heart rate tracker and GPS will monitor your workouts and determine whether you are working out lightly or intensely. If the tracker recognizes that you are improving with each session, you will be rewarded with extra tokens.

When a user’s Energy runs out, they will no longer accumulate tokens. They have the option of continuing to monitor their travels or manually exiting Earn Mode by short holding down the Stop button. Both options are available to them. Both a daily energy cap and a daily token cap are imposed on players in Solo Mode. Because of these constraints, users are only allowed a certain quantity of Energy and tokens at any one time.

Users begin the game with an equal amount of 3/3 Energy. Maximum Energy Caps are now set at 3/3, although this number might be higher depending on the level of your account. At the beginning of the game, each player is given a Daily FITD Cap of 5/5. The maximum number of FITD that may be held in the Daily Token Cap is 10,000. By burning some FITD, the user may further permanently raise the FITD maximum, which now stands at 10000/10000. When you have used up 90 percent of your current Daily Cap, only then will this choice become accessible to you.

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