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Flare and Bloxico Collaborate to Introduce Reputation Score System

Flare, a blockchain for data company, has joined forces with blockchain technology firm Bloxico to develop a Reputation Score system for the Flare network. This collaborative initiative aims to integrate both on-chain data and community-based metrics, offering users a comprehensive evaluation of network participants. The primary goal is to empower users in making informed decisions when selecting infrastructure providers within the Flare ecosystem.


Evaluating Network Participants:


The Flare Reputation Score system is designed to utilize a scoring and voting mechanism, allowing community members to assess and rank each other based on participation, network contribution, and overall behavior. By amalgamating off-chain and on-chain data, the system seeks to guide users in choosing infrastructure providers with a deeper understanding and knowledge.


Reducing Perceived Risk and Lowering Barriers:


The introduction of the Reputation Score system addresses the challenge of perceived risk associated with investing in unidentified providers. By lowering these perceived risks, the system aims to reduce barriers for new community members, contributing to the growth and development of the Flare network. The Reputation Score serves as a valuable tool for users seeking trustworthy infrastructure providers.


Extending Functionality to Key Network Users:


The Reputation Score system goes beyond ranking network members; it extends its functionality to encompass crucial network users and applications. This includes entities such as FAssets agents and LayerCake bandwidth providers, broadening the impact of the system across diverse elements within the Flare network.


Synergy Between Flare and Bloxico


The collaborative effort between Flare and Bloxico represents an innovative approach to enhancing trustworthiness within the Flare network. By combining objective on-chain data and subjective community-based metrics, the Reputation Score system aims to provide users with a robust measure of trust, empowering them to navigate the Flare ecosystem with confidence.


Empowering Informed Decision-Making:


The overarching objective of the Reputation Score system is to empower users in making informed decisions when selecting infrastructure providers. Through a comprehensive evaluation that considers both objective and subjective factors, the system enhances transparency and trust, fostering a more secure and reliable environment within the Flare ecosystem.



The collaboration between Flare and Bloxico to introduce the Reputation Score system signifies a significant step forward in the evolution of the Flare network. This innovative approach, leveraging a combination of on-chain data and community-based metrics, is poised to create a more transparent and trustworthy ecosystem. As the system unfolds, it is expected to play a pivotal role in reducing perceived risks, lowering barriers for new community members, and contributing to the sustained growth of the Flare network.

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