Flare (FLR) Expands Network Capabilities with Ankr, Figment, Restake, and NorthStake as Validators and Data Providers Dec 8, 2023 Dec 8, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Flare (FLR) Expands Network Capabilities with Ankr, Figment, Restake, and NorthStake as Validators and Data Providers

In an official announcement, Flare (FLR), an EVM-compatible L1 blockchain, has brought onboard key industry players Ankr, Figment, Restake, and NorthStake, engaging them as both validators and data providers for the network’s native oracles. This strategic move positions Flare as the pioneering platform indexing data feeds for all new validators.

Decentralized Access to Extensive Data

Flare’s groundbreaking approach combines validation and data provision, marking a significant leap forward in providing developers with fully decentralized access to a diverse range of data on a scalable and cost-effective basis. The integration of Ankr, Figment, Restake, and NorthStake as validators and data providers aligns with Flare’s commitment to expanding the possibilities within the blockchain space, facilitating new use cases through the broader availability of decentralized data.

Flare CEO’s Enthusiasm for Collaboration Impact

Hugo Philion, CEO, and co-founder of Flare expressed excitement about the collaborative potential with Ankr, Restake, and Luganodes. He sees their willingness to extend their business model to include decentralized data provision as a validation of Flare’s vision for a fully decentralized network for data. The engagement of institutional validators of such caliber underscores Flare’s commitment to elevating the quality and accessibility of its services.

Luganodes’ CEO on Long-Term Synergy

Anuj Shankar, CEO of Luganodes, highlighted the significance of the long-term synergy between Luganodes and Flare. Shankar emphasized Luganodes’ commitment to delivering institutional-grade services in the blockchain infrastructure space and expressed interest in Flare’s innovative model of decentralized data provision. Being both a validator and a data provider aligns seamlessly with Luganodes’ mission to enhance decentralized data access for developers, contributing to the evolution of the global staking ecosystem.

Flare’s Growing Network Validators and Data Providers

With a current count of 91 network validators globally, Flare has established a network where each validator also functions as a data provider for the Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO). This configuration places the FTSO among the most decentralized and reliable oracles accessible to developers. The inclusion of Ankr, Figment, Restake, and NorthStake further strengthens Flare’s network, enhancing its capabilities and reliability.

Strategic Collaborations and Previous Initiatives

This move follows Flare Labs’ recent launch of the testing program for Flare-based FAssets on the Coston testnet, demonstrating the platform’s continuous commitment to innovation and development. Additionally, in September, Flare initiated a collaboration with Web3Auth, a leading wallet-as-a-service (WaaS) infrastructure provider. This integration streamlined access to cryptocurrency applications and services through familiar email and social login credentials, further advancing user convenience within the Flare ecosystem.

Flare’s strategic engagement with industry leaders Ankr, Figment, Restake, and NorthStake as validators and data providers exemplifies its dedication to fostering a decentralized network and expanding possibilities within the blockchain domain.

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