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Formula E: High Voltage – The Intersection of Motorsport and Blockchain Gaming

Racing with a Sustainable Twist


Formula E, a pioneer in adopting electric vehicles to combat climate change, is about to embark on a new journey in the digital world. The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship has set the stage for the launch of “Formula E: High Voltage,” a groundbreaking racing management Web3 game developed by Animoca Brands in partnership with Amber. This unique game, set to debut on October 19, is a testament to Formula E’s commitment to sustainability, as it leverages blockchain technology to create an environmentally friendly gaming experience within the open metaverse.


Powered by Flow: Sustainability Meets Entertainment


“Formula E: High Voltage” is set to run on Flow, a blockchain known for its sustainability focus and energy efficiency. The project is designed to provide eco-conscious entertainment to players worldwide. The game incorporates a “Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism,” noted for its exceptional efficiency. According to the developers, minting an NFT on Flow consumes less energy than a single Instagram post or Google search, emphasizing the platform’s eco-friendly approach.


The Game: Building Your Racing Empire


Beyond its blockchain and sustainability features, “Formula E: High Voltage” offers players an exciting gaming experience. New users will receive four NFTs upon entry, comprising two cars and two drivers, providing them a foundation to start their racing journey at no cost. The game offers additional NFTs with four different levels of rarity. Players will engage in collecting, training, upgrading, and managing drivers and cars to build their racing empire while expanding their NFT collection.


NFT Pricing and Wallet Requirement


For players seeking more NFTs, the game offers Solo NFT Crates, containing one card, at a cost of $20-30. Alternatively, Team NFT Crates, which include two cars and two drivers (with at least one NFT guaranteed to be of epic or legendary rarity), can be acquired for $119-149. To participate, players will need a Blocto wallet to connect to the Flow blockchain.


A Part of REVV Motorsport Ecosystem


“Formula E: High Voltage” joins the REVV Motorsport ecosystem, which encompasses several licensed racing blockchain games, including MotoGP Ignition and MotoGP Guru, REVV Racing, and Torque Drift 2. This expansion amplifies the options available to motorsport and blockchain gaming enthusiasts.


An Exciting Partnership


Kieran Holmes-Darby, Gaming Director at Formula E, expressed his excitement about the partnership with Animoca Brands, a distinguished player in the gaming industry. He believes that “Formula E: High Voltage” will offer gamers a dynamic way to engage with Formula E racing, anticipating that it will enhance their experience and encourage greater interest in the Championship’s teams and drivers.


Will Griffiths, Vice President of Commercial Strategy at Animoca Brands, echoed the enthusiasm and added that the upcoming launch represents a significant milestone. Fans and players will not only immerse themselves in the excitement of the race but also experience the benefits of true digital ownership brought by NFTs and blockchain technologies.


The Future of Formula E


The introduction of “Formula E: High Voltage” is a significant step toward integrating motorsport with blockchain gaming. While blockchain gaming has garnered attention, it is essential to recognize the impact it can have on traditional sectors like motorsport. Formula E’s foray into the blockchain world is a testament to the evolving landscape of both sports and technology, and it will be interesting to see how this pioneering initiative shapes the future of racing entertainment.


In the Larger Landscape of Blockchain Gaming


While “Formula E: High Voltage” is a notable addition to the blockchain gaming scene, the overall sentiment among developers regarding blockchain technology has shown some signs of uncertainty. A GDC State of the Game 2023 survey from January revealed that 56% of respondents were opposed to the use of blockchain technology. This suggests that while blockchain gaming is gaining momentum, there are still challenges and reservations within the gaming community.


As the gaming industry continues to navigate the intersection of blockchain and traditional gaming, projects like “Formula E: High Voltage” represent the potential for innovation and collaboration across these two realms. The success and adoption of such projects will likely shape the trajectory of the broader blockchain gaming industry.

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