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FPT Polytechnic University and Superteam Vietnam Collaborate on Solana Blockchain Internship Program

FPT Polytechnic University, in partnership with Superteam Vietnam, has embarked on an innovative journey by integrating Solana blockchain technology into an internship program designed to enable students to earn university credits. This groundbreaking initiative is aimed at providing computer science students with practical, hands-on experience in blockchain development, fostering a new generation of blockchain professionals.

Empowering Students with Blockchain Skills:

The initiative offers a unique opportunity for 3rd-year computer science students at FPT Polytechnic Ho Chi Minh, one of Vietnam’s foremost technical education institutions, to gain valuable insights into blockchain technology. Students who participate in the program will receive university credits equivalent to a regular course, enhancing their academic portfolios while equipping them with critical blockchain programming skills.


A Year-Long Collaboration:

Hoang Loc, Head of FPT Polytechnic HCM’s Software Applicant Faculty, noted that this collaboration with Superteam Vietnam is not a new endeavor. Over the past year, FPT Polytechnic University has actively engaged in blockchain training activities in partnership with Superteam Vietnam. The launch of this official blockchain internship course represents a significant step forward in preparing students for their post-graduation career paths, aligning with the university’s commitment to providing practical, real-world experience.

A Popular Program:

The internship program, scheduled to run from September 19th through November 28th, has garnered substantial interest, with over 150 students enrolling. To ensure an optimal learning experience, the program divides students into small groups of 25 per class, and a dedicated team consisting of six professors and six Superteam members has been appointed to mentor students throughout the course.

Expanding the Reach:

Anh Tran, Country Lead of Solana Superteam Vietnam, expressed enthusiasm about collaborating with FPT Polytechnic University, highlighting the institution’s exceptional pool of software engineers. The goal is to expand the program’s reach to all 11 FPT Poly campuses, providing aspiring talent with valuable training opportunities.

A Comprehensive Curriculum:

The curriculum is meticulously designed to equip students with a well-rounded understanding of various facets of project development. This includes project management, teamwork, project presentation, design, identifying use cases, and technical integration with Solana, the high-performance blockchain platform.

Hands-On Project Development:

Students participating in the program will have the opportunity to select project ideas from a curated list and collaborate to bring these concepts to life under the guidance and support of their mentors. The overarching aim is to actively engage students in building tangible projects from the ground up, emphasizing practical application.

Preparing for Success:

FPT University’s commitment to offering this course underscores its dedication to preparing students for the rapidly evolving tech industry. By earning five university credits, equivalent to completing a standard course, students enhance their academic credentials while gaining invaluable skills essential for success in today’s highly competitive job market. This initiative exemplifies a harmonious collaboration between education and technology, benefiting both stakeholders and highlighting the potential of the younger generation.

Leading Institutions:

FPT Polytechnic University, with its 11 campuses across Vietnam, stands as a leading institution committed to delivering top-tier education in technology and innovation. It offers a diverse array of cutting-edge programs and initiatives aimed at nurturing future leaders and innovators.

Superteam Vietnam:

Superteam Vietnam is a dynamic community comprising builders and creative minds in Vietnam. Organized as a cooperative of creatives, developers, and operators with extensive experience in launching and growing technology businesses, Superteam Vietnam plays a pivotal role in fostering innovation in the Vietnamese tech ecosystem.


The collaboration between FPT Polytechnic University and Superteam Vietnam, leveraging Solana blockchain technology, represents a significant leap forward in equipping students with practical blockchain skills. This initiative not only enriches students’ academic journeys but also underscores the symbiotic relationship between education and technology, ushering in a promising era of innovation and collaboration in Vietnam’s tech landscape.

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