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Funtico Unveils Web3 Gaming Platform and Crypto Token at Taipei Game Show 2024

Funtico, a prominent player in the blockchain gaming market, revealed its Web3 gaming platform on January 26, 2024, during the Taipei Game Show 2024. The platform is designed to embrace the latest trend in Web3 technology, offering a decentralized marketplace to empower players with equal control.

Introduction of Heroes of the Citadel and $TICO Token

At the unveiling, Funtico introduced its newest adventure strategy title, “Heroes of the Citadel,” along with the announcement of a crypto token named $TICO. The platform shared its vision for creating a gaming ecosystem where players utilize $TICO as the designated currency. While “Heroes of the Citadel” is currently accessible on Steam, its availability on mobile devices remains uncertain.

Web3 Technology and Player Empowerment

Web3 technology, characterized by the availability of digital currencies for purchase, earning, and trading, is integrated into the platform. Funtico implements a Play-to-Earn (P2E) system, ensuring players possess genuine ownership of in-game assets represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This approach creates a decentralized and transparent gaming environment, allowing players to accumulate cash or digital currencies in their digital wallets through gameplay.

Funtico’s Secure NFT Platform

Funtico aims to establish a secure and streamlined platform for acquiring gaming collectibles in the form of NFTs. This initiative promises players three significant advantages: ownership of in-game assets, seamless transactions, and empowerment for creators.

Bridging the Gap between Web2 and Web3 Gaming

The overarching vision of Funtico is to “bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 gaming, providing a comprehensive ecosystem that caters to everyone’s needs.” The platform envisions delivering a compelling gaming experience through high-quality games, user-friendly gameplay, and rewarding incentives for players.

Market Entry and Research-Driven Strategy

Entering the Web3 market, Funtico conducted thorough research on the successes and failures of other players in the field. The platform aims to adapt to the needs of the gaming community and market dynamics, positioning itself as a player-centric platform.

Focus on Cutting-Edge Gameplay and Player-Centric Approach

Funtico emphasizes delivering cutting-edge gameplay experiences with AAA-based graphics, recognizing players as pivotal assets for success. However, the effectiveness of this approach will unfold over time, requiring observation in the coming days to determine whether Funtico can achieve its primary objectives or encounter challenges.

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