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Future Nft Technology Introduces CARRIP: A Blockchain-Powered Intellectual Property Registry

Kazakh company Future Nft Technology Limited has unveiled its cutting-edge blockchain copyright protection platform, named the Central Asian Intellectual Property Registry (CARRIP). The platform, launched towards the close of 2023, has been gaining traction among users, according to statements from the company’s advisor, Temirlan Tulegenov.


Upon registration on the CARRIP platform, users can upload files and categorize them based on their nature, such as audio recordings, text documents, videos, photos, drawings, or other file formats. The system autonomously determines the price, and users receive a certificate, complete with the date and time stamp, depending on the file’s size. This certificate serves as tangible proof that users have safeguarded their intellectual property within the CARRIP system.


Kazakhstan has been actively fostering its creative industries in recent years, encompassing diverse sectors such as design, art, fashion, cinema, music, media, computer graphics, education, and other domains rooted in intellectual activity. Tulegenov highlighted the concept of the creative economy, emphasizing the objective of monetizing talents. Kazakhstan has aligned itself with international conventions and treaties related to intellectual property. However, Tulegenov stressed the need for adapting the intellectual property rights market to modern trends within the creative economy.


Blockchain technology, widely recognized for its applications in cryptocurrencies and banking transactions, holds substantial promise for copyright protection in the realm of intellectual property. The incorporation of encryption within the blockchain framework ensures the safeguarding of diverse records, preventing unauthorized parties from copying or editing content. This utilization of blockchain technology represents a strategic move to adapt to contemporary trends in intellectual property protection.


“Empowering Creativity: CARRIP’s Role in Kazakhstan’s Creative Economy”


The introduction of the Central Asian Intellectual Property Registry (CARRIP) by Future Nft Technology Limited signifies a pivotal step in transforming copyright protection within Kazakhstan’s burgeoning creative economy. Launched in late 2023, CARRIP has quickly garnered popularity among users, offering a robust platform for safeguarding intellectual property rights.


CARRIP allows users to categorize and register various forms of intellectual property, including audio recordings, text documents, videos, photos, drawings, and more. The platform autonomously determines the price for registration, and users are provided with a certified proof of ownership, complete with a date and time stamp. This streamlined process adds a layer of transparency and security to the protection of intellectual property.


As Kazakhstan actively nurtures its creative industries, the advisor to Future Nft Technology Limited, Temirlan Tulegenov, emphasized the importance of the creative economy, aiming to monetize talents across diverse sectors. While Kazakhstan has joined international conventions related to intellectual property, Tulegenov stressed the need for adaptation to modern trends, aligning with the evolving landscape of the creative economy.


The incorporation of blockchain technology into CARRIP represents a forward-thinking approach to intellectual property protection. Blockchain’s inherent encryption features provide robust control over record protection, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to and control over intellectual property records. This strategic integration of blockchain technology aligns with the contemporary needs of copyright protection, offering a secure and efficient solution for creators and innovators in Kazakhstan’s dynamic creative landscape.

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