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Game Verse’s Sword and Magic World Now Listed on Gate Web3 Startup

Gate Web3 Startup, a pioneering platform dedicated to fostering innovation in the realm of blockchain projects, has announced the listing of an exciting new venture: Game Verse. This development brings Game Verse’s latest creation, “Sword and Magic World,” into the spotlight. The Game Verse airdrop event commenced on October 18, 2023, at 7:00 UTC, and is set to conclude on October 23, 2023, at 7:00 UTC.

Sword and Magic World, the latest offering from Game Verse, is a free-to-play MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) designed to captivate players with its expansive open-world experiences. The game draws its inspiration from the distinguished legacy of Game Verse, a pioneering global GameFi and Metaverse platform. Founded by the accomplished leaders of the KOSDAQ-listed company Long, Game Verse is synonymous with excellence and innovation. The addition of Sword and Magic World is highly anticipated and poised to reshape the landscape of the MMORPG gaming world. It promises a fusion of fast-paced action combat and deep immersion within the digital realm.

A Promising Addition to the World of MMORPGs

The Game Verse airdrop event, which began on October 18, 2023, at 7:00 UTC, will run until October 23, 2023, at 7:00 UTC. To participate in the airdrop, users need to follow a straightforward process: create or link a Gate Web3 Wallet, ensure that the EVM chain holds a balance of at least $100 equivalent in EVM, and claim their free airdrop.


Gate Web3 Startup provides users with the opportunity to engage with both initial and non-initial airdrops from the latest Web3 projects. New projects are showcased weekly, allowing users to participate with their self-custody wallets.


Gate Web3 extends beyond the Startup platform, offering all the essential tools for self-custody users to immerse themselves in the future of the decentralized Internet. Users can effectively manage their assets and portfolios through the Gate Web3 Wallet, facilitating easy access to decentralized single and cross-chain swaps and transfers, decentralized perpetual futures, NFT marketplaces, staking, DApps, and airdrop aggregators. The platform provides a comprehensive ecosystem for those looking to navigate the world of Web3 with ease and efficiency.


As the Game Verse airdrop event unfolds, it signifies the ever-expanding universe of blockchain projects and the growing prominence of Gate Web3 Startup as a gateway to these innovative ventures. Sword and Magic World’s presence on this platform is a testament to its potential to capture the imagination of MMORPG enthusiasts and immerse them in a world of thrilling adventures and interactive experiences.


The partnership between Gate Web3 and Game Verse underscores the collaborative spirit within the blockchain and Web3 community, fostering a space for developers and users to explore the limitless possibilities of the decentralized Internet. This latest addition to Gate Web3 Startup’s portfolio is poised to be a significant milestone in the blockchain and gaming spheres, setting the stage for new horizons in the digital landscape.


As the Game Verse airdrop event continues, MMORPG enthusiasts and blockchain enthusiasts alike eagerly anticipate the launch of Sword and Magic World. The blend of action-packed gameplay and immersive storytelling promises to create a gaming experience unlike any other, further illustrating the potential of blockchain technology in redefining the world of online gaming.


In conclusion, the listing of Game Verse’s Sword and Magic World on Gate Web3 Startup is a remarkable development that highlights the convergence of blockchain technology and the gaming industry. It’s a testament to the innovative spirit of the Web3 community, and the future holds exciting prospects for both developers and users in this ever-evolving ecosystem.

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