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Market NewsJanuary 24, 2024 by Kelly Cromley’s Proof of Reserves Methodology Receives High Marks in Security Audit

In a significant stride towards enhancing security measures in the blockchain space,, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 innovator, has successfully navigated a comprehensive security review of its Proof of Reserves (PoR) methodology. The assessment, conducted by cybersecurity experts at Hacken, not only affirms the methodology’s robustness but also acknowledges its valuable contribution to the evolving landscape of blockchain technology and cryptographic systems.


Hacken’s Thorough Analysis Validates’s Approach’s announcement of the successful validation of its PoR methodology by Hacken underscores the exchange’s commitment to adhering to best practices in blockchain technology. In the course of the security review, Hacken meticulously examined the code and functionality of’s PoR. Key areas of scrutiny included dependency management, cryptographic frameworks, code quality, error handling, and testing protocols.


CEO Acknowledges Hacken’s Contribution to User Asset Safety


Expressing gratitude for the rigorous examination conducted by Hacken,’s CEO emphasized the significance of such security reviews in ensuring the safety of user assets. The acknowledgment reflects’s dedication to transparency and user trust in the increasingly complex world of cryptocurrency exchanges.


Setting a Benchmark for the Industry


Hacken, in turn, commended for setting a benchmark for the entire industry. The cybersecurity experts believe that’s PoR methodology is poised to become a standard practice embraced by custodians, exchanges, lenders, and stablecoin issuers. This endorsement underscores the pivotal role is playing in shaping security standards within the blockchain ecosystem.’s Proactive Adoption of PoR’s proactive stance toward security is evident in its early adoption of Proof of Reserves. The exchange strategically combines Merkle trees with third-party audits and independent user validation to fortify the integrity of its asset reserves. has not only adhered to regular reporting on over 100 assets but has also continuously bolstered security measures to safeguard user assets effectively.


Towards a Standardized Blockchain Ecosystem


Hacken’s security audit serves as an authoritative validation of the security and significance of’s PoR methodology. The exchange’s commitment to transparency and user asset safety positions Proof of Reserves as a potential standard practice in the blockchain ecosystem.’s multifaceted approach to security, combining innovative methodologies and third-party validation, reinforces its role as a frontrunner in the ongoing evolution of cryptocurrency exchanges.


In conclusion,’s successful passage through Hacken’s security audit not only solidifies its commitment to user safety but also positions Proof of Reserves as a beacon for industry-wide security standards in the dynamic and ever-expanding blockchain landscape.

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