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GeN3 Magazine: Documenting the Web3 Revolution through Print and Innovation

GeN3 Magazine is set to launch its debut issue, showcasing the positive story of Web3 and the innovations arising from blockchain technology in the realms of entertainment, lifestyle, culture, and finance. Founded by No.3 Media, the magazine aims to revitalize the print medium using blockchain technology. Collaborating with Patrick from Agami Co., Sarah at TokenPr, and other advisors, Mark, the founder of No.3, embarked on a mission to bring print to the era of Web3. At the recent CryptosRUs party in Las Vegas, web3 insiders were granted a sneak peek of the premier issue, which garnered rave reviews.

The magazine’s focus goes beyond storytelling to embrace the essence of the blockchain revolution. Featuring well-known brands like Animoca’s Mocaverse, Club3, Gala Games, and Vulcan Forged, GeN3 Magazine serves as a time capsule of technology’s evolution within the crypto cultural movement.

Each issue will feature traditional and digital artists utilizing emerging technologies to engage the community with their work, lifestyle pieces on crypto clubs or destinations, industry insights, and professional advice for those immersed in or intrigued by the Web3 world. Furthermore, the magazine will highlight new technologies with significant potential for positive change.

The debut cover features Brian D. Evans of, recognized for his networking abilities and contributions to the Web3 space as an advisor, keynote speaker, judge on The Next Crypto Gem TV series, and active participant in NFT and crypto communities.

GeN3 Magazine defies the perception that print media cannot keep up with digital news in today’s rapidly changing market. While acknowledging the need for digital expansion, the magazine seeks to document the transformative impact of finance, decentralization, and blockchain technology for future generations. By returning to the familiarity and trustworthiness of print, the publication aims to share the Web3 movement with the broader world, enabling better understanding and excitement for this groundbreaking revolution.

Embracing the power of Web3, GeN3 Magazine incorporates interactive features into its issues. The first edition features secure QR code technology from Flowcode, enabling readers to access digital content on their mobile phones. The upcoming Issue 2 will showcase Agami Co’s NFC chip technology embedded in each copy, enhancing authenticity verification and providing exclusive access to partner brands and benefits for magazine holders.

Issue 1 of GeN3 Magazine presents the “40 under 40” list, spotlighting Web3 leaders and innovators. Carefully curated, this list encompasses developers, artists, influencers, advisors, investors, and executives, offering a snapshot of the breadth of Web3 talent driving the industry forward.

With new advisors and investors joining the project, including Oliver Blakey from Ascensive Assets, George Tung from CryptosRus, and Fund Manager Sami Rusani, GeN3 Magazine is poised to become Web3’s premier publication.

The magazine’s ultimate goal is to shift the mainstream narrative away from scams and frauds, promoting a deeper understanding of Web3’s intricate world of innovation and ownership. GeN3 aims to captivate readers with its visual and easily digestible print medium, fostering excitement and broader acceptance of Web3’s potential. As GeN3 Magazine launches, it aspires to inspire curiosity and comprehension of the Web3 revolution, making blockchain innovation accessible to all.

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