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GOMDORI Project: Transforming E-Commerce with Blockchain Innovation

In the ever-changing landscape of e-commerce, GOMDORI Project, spearheaded by Gomi Corporation, emerges as a pioneering global commerce solution, leveraging blockchain technology. GOMDORI’s flagship product, Gomi Mall, with its substantial user base of 2.5 million, represents a pivotal force in the ASEAN commerce market. Beyond its user numbers, the project’s narrative unfolds as a convergence of web2 and web3, reshaping the digital sphere.


Gomi Mall’s Evolution: A Decentralized Approach:

Gomi Mall, a well-known player in the Asian e-commerce scene, is undergoing a transformative journey by embracing the web3 model. This shift signifies a move towards decentralization and a user-centric approach. Innovations like ‘Buy to Earn’ and ‘Sell to Earn’ are integral to this strategy, aiming to enhance user engagement and loyalty.


Tokenization Strategy: GOMD Tokens Driving Engagement:

Central to GOMDORI’s strategy is the introduction of GOMD, a native crypto token seamlessly integrated into the Gomi Mall ecosystem. Through this tokenization mechanism, users are incentivized with GOMD tokens for every transaction on the platform. This system not only stimulates consumer spending but fosters a sense of community ownership and engagement within Gomi Mall.


Incentivizing Influencers: A Symbiotic Partnership:

GOMDORI extends its token-based incentive system to influencers, fostering inclusivity. Influencers, through affiliate accounts, promote listed products using unique links, earning GOMD tokens for successful sales. This symbiotic relationship enhances brand visibility and provides content creators with a rewarding avenue.


GOMD Tokens: Paving the Way for E-Commerce Paradigm Shift:

The integration of GOMD tokens within Gomi Mall’s ecosystem signifies a paradigm shift in e-commerce. As global cryptocurrency adoption rises, GOMDORI’s forward-thinking approach positions it as a leader harnessing blockchain potential to create an engaging and rewarding commerce experience.


Crypto Launchpad: Expert Guidance for Success:

The Crypto Launchpad, led by advisors Vinay Chandra Lal and Rohit Prakash, plays a crucial role in guiding the GOMDORI project. With a track record of assisting crypto ventures, their expertise contributes significantly to GOMDORI’s strategic development within the crypto sphere.



GOMDORI’s foray into the crypto space through GOMD tokens within Gomi Mall’s ecosystem represents a visionary step in redefining the e-commerce landscape. By intertwining blockchain technology with user-centric incentivization, the project aims not only to revolutionize commerce but also empower its user base and influencers, solidifying its position as an innovative leader in the ever-evolving digital marketplace.

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