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Gucci to Mint NFTs Linked to Yuga’s Ape-Themed Metaverse Game

Yuga Labs and Gucci have partnered to launch a restricted collection of tangible Gucci merchandise and related non-fungible tokens that are associated with the Otherside mythos, Yuga’s highly anticipated metaverse game centered around apes. Yuga Labs, a web3 enterprise that has gained popularity for its NFT collections, including Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Club, has recently declared a fresh collaboration with the high-end brand Gucci. The two corporations have collaborated to launch a restricted collection of tangible Gucci merchandise and connected non-interchangeable tokens associated with the legend of Otherside, Yuga’s highly awaited metaverse game based on apes.

Yuga Labs and Gucci enthusiasts are equally looking forward to the release of Otherside: Relics. The game centres around enigmatic entities referred to as “Koda” which bestow entitlements to virtual plots of land situated within the game’s virtual terrain. The previously mentioned Pendants will be made accessible on April 6th at 6:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time. The only means of acquiring it would be through the use of $APE, which is Yuga’s indigenous digital currency. Furthermore, it has been reported that each pendant has an approximate cost of 450 APE dollars.

Upon the game’s full release this summer, the KodaPendant will offer unique cosmetic choices for avatars on the Otherside. The sale of the pendants is expected to be highly competitive, given that there are only 3,333 available for purchase. In the upcoming months, individuals who possess KodaPendant will have the opportunity to obtain a physical Gucci accessory.
Each pendant non-fungible token (NFT) will be accompanied by a physical pendant. Based on the advertisements, it seems that there is a silver pendant designed as a Koda and engraved with the letters GG.(good game in gamer lingo). After the integration of Koda and Vessel NFTs, the pendants will undergo a visual transformation that includes a modified version of the jewellery and an exclusive identification number.

The Otherside Metaverse has been unveiling its extensive lore about primates, while also offering exceptional NFT products, in conjunction with the recent launches of Otherside Second Trip and Legends of Mara. Yuga Lab’s digital assets, like their other products, have demonstrated significant popularity and offer unique benefits for further web3 experiences and opportunities.
This partnership between Yuga Labs and Gucci is likely to become another popular choice among fans. Yuga Labs has been creating waves in the NFT industry with its well-received collections, and this partnership is expected to garner similar enthusiasm from its followers. The second iteration of the Otherside metaverse has recently concluded, with a reported 7,200 participants who entered the virtual world to explore novel maps, features, and a team-based game mode. The launch of Otherside: Relics is expected to further expand the limits of NFTs and metaverse gaming by Yuga Labs and Gucci.

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