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HackerNoon and namespace.gg Transform Online Identities with Free Web3 Minting

In a significant collaboration, HackerNoon, a widely-read technology publication, has partnered with namespace.gg to introduce a groundbreaking initiative. This partnership offers free minting of web3 identities to over 50,000 contributors, addressing the longstanding issue of privacy and user-centricity in the online landscape.


Bridging the Gap Between Online and Real-World Identities


The online world has often lacked the privacy and user-centric approach inherent in real-world identities like social security, passports, and driving licenses. Common solutions often compromise user privacy, necessitating individuals to disclose sensitive information for basic services. HackerNoon’s collaboration with namespace.gg aims to revolutionize this paradigm by empowering contributors to securely link their profiles using innovative tools.


 Simplifying User Experience Through Web3 Identities


HackerNoon’s web3 identities offer users the ability to connect their HackerNoon profiles to a wallet of their choice. This partnership with namespace.gg further enhances user experience by eliminating the need to remember lengthy wallet addresses. Ustav Jaiswal, HackerNoon’s VP of Business Development, emphasizes the importance of user-friendliness in this venture. Drawing from his own experience with a freshly minted Web3 identity namespace, he highlights the ease of sharing a user-friendly wallet address as opposed to a complex alphanumeric string.


 Steps to Mint Web3 Identities on HackerNoon

To mint a web3 identity on HackerNoon, contributors can follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to the HackerNoon account and proceed to the profile’s web3 section.
  • Click on ‘Connect Wallet’ and authorize the transaction to link any Metamask-compatible wallet address to the HackerNoon account.
  • Once successfully connected, click on ‘Mint Namespace’ and sign the transaction.
  • Importantly, there is no fee associated with minting the HackerNoon namespace, courtesy of namespace.gg’s support for all contributors.
  • Upon successful completion, the user’s HackerNoon web3 identity, in the format your_username.hackernoon, will be minted and linked to the corresponding wallet address.

 Bridging the Gap Between Online and Real-World Identities

This streamlined process underscores HackerNoon’s commitment to providing a seamless experience for contributors seeking to establish their web3 identities. The initiative not only enhances privacy but also simplifies the interaction between contributors and the broader online community.

In conclusion, HackerNoon’s collaboration with namespace.gg stands as a pioneering effort to reshape online identities. By offering free web3 minting to its extensive contributor base, HackerNoon is taking a significant step towards a more user-friendly and secure online environment. The introduction of web3 identities marks a crucial advancement in aligning online experiences with real-world identity norms, fostering a more seamless and private digital landscape.

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