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HeLa Labs Unveils Next-Generation Privacy-Preserving Blockchain Network

In a significant development in the world of blockchain technology, HeLa Labs, a cutting-edge tech company, has officially launched a state-of-the-art layer one blockchain network. This innovative network boasts privacy-preserving features and consensus protocols tailored for real-world application, offering a myriad of opportunities for secure and efficient transactions. This groundbreaking initiative, driven by HeLa Labs’ commitment to eco-friendly development and collaboration with A*STAR’s Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC), aims to revolutionize industries globally.

Collaboration for Innovation:

The launch of this stablecoin-powered layer one blockchain network is the result of a fruitful collaboration between HeLa Labs and A*STAR’s IHPC. The partnership has brought together IHPC’s expertise in constructing modular blockchains with privacy-preserving capabilities and decentralized identities, along with HeLa Labs’ profound knowledge in both fintech and blockchain sectors. Kerching Choo, Co-founder of HeLa Labs, expressed the company’s vision, stating, “Our aim is to bring real-world adoption benefits to all industries, empowering them to leverage the power of our layer one blockchain.”

Eco-Friendly Blockchain Development:

An essential aspect of HeLa Labs’ approach is their unwavering commitment to environmentally conscious blockchain development. In a world where sustainability is a pressing concern, HeLa Labs is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of innovation within the blockchain industry. As Kerching Choo emphasized, “While we are focusing on developing a powerful and secure layer one chain, we are also committed to eco-friendly chain development. HeLa Labs is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting a greener future while continuing to drive innovation in the blockchain industry.”

Unlocking New Possibilities:

By harnessing the capabilities of blockchain technology and seamlessly integrating stablecoins, the HeLa Network introduces an array of exciting possibilities for businesses and individuals alike. This platform’s core focus on real-world adoption underscores its commitment to creating tangible value across various industries worldwide.

Expanding the HeLa Labs Ecosystem:

In the upcoming weeks, HeLa Labs will actively expand its ecosystem, embarking on an ambitious journey of growth and collaboration. The company will initiate a grant program and establish strategic partnerships with industry leaders, developers, and blockchain enthusiasts. These efforts aim to cultivate a vibrant and engaged community centered around the layer one chain network. Already underway are stimulating initiatives such as hackathons, webinars, and developer programs, providing valuable opportunities for synergy and expansion within the HeLa Labs ecosystem.


The launch of HeLa Labs’ next-generation privacy-preserving blockchain network represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of blockchain technology. This collaboration with A*STAR’s IHPC demonstrates the synergy between expertise and innovation, paving the way for a more secure, efficient, and eco-conscious blockchain ecosystem. With a firm commitment to real-world adoption and sustainability, HeLa Labs is poised to leave an indelible mark on the blockchain industry, unlocking new horizons of possibility for businesses and individuals alike.

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