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Here Comes Physical Button To Dilute All Crypto Holdings

If you are a scalper or one of the traders who always live with the anxiety of losing everything and at least rushing into FUD, looking for protection in the wonderful world of stable coins or Fiat money, you need to be mindful of the unpredictability of the crypto market is not necessarily a enjoyable reason for those of your clan.

However, Ilker Dagli, a systems and network manager at Near East University in Northern Cyprus, has developed a device that can make life more pleasant for this type of people and even help professional dealers who decide for one motive or another at a time to dilute all their assets.

The device couldn’t be more understandable. A large, red button that the investor presses in a flash of panic or impracticality to do precisely one thing: sell all the crypto. According to Motherboard, Dagli stated he built the unique device to answer the complaints of many investors who had to perform transactions in times of extreme volatility, but unsuccessful either due to human mistake or Exchange blunders:

“I decided to invent this button because I saw lots of investors of cryptocurrency [with] complaints about exchange issues, especially when the price falls very quick. As you know, cryptocurrency markets are so volatile …”

I had some coins and orders on my Binance account when I pressed the button it immediately canceled all my orders and sold all my coins … So I became ‘safe.’ Hassle free. No need to login to exchange, cancel all orders manually then sell all my coins one by one… Just press the emergency button!

This big, red button is not Dagli ’s lone abnormal creation. Last year, he made a literal valve that limits Internet access. The device works exactly like a valve which manages how much water streams through a pipe, except that this invention limits the flow of data based on a handle controlled by the operator. Dagli clarified to the motherboard team that he only wanted to create an simple way to resolve this crisis.

“There were some software solutions which simplifies it … But there wasn’t any hardware solution… And it should be as easy as our grandmothers can use.”

According to its creator, the button works not only with Binance, but also with other crypto exchanges that offer an open API and can be configured to dilute the crypto currencies other than USDT.

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