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HTC to Roll Out Privacy Focused 5G Router With Ability to Run Bitcoin Node

Consumer electronic goods manufacturer HTC is launching a new privacy-centered portable 5G router, powered by blockchain technology, enabling users to run a complete Bitcoin node.

The router is set to be launched by mid-year. The company had earlier successfully launched Edodus 1 phones, which also has the ability to run blockchain network nodes.

The Hub offers 5G connectivity to all internet activated gadgets and utilizes Zion Vault software to facilitate users to hold Bitcoin, Ethereum (including ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens), Litecoin, Binance Coin and Stellar.

The software provides safety features such as social recovery for private keys, among others.

Therefore, a user can split the recovery phrase into smaller parts, encrypt and share it with trustworthy contacts.

Even though many of the crypto enthusiasts may not be interested in running a Bitcoin node on 5G, Zion Vault has paved way for safeguarding the Bitcoin network by documenting and validating trades.

The gadget mirrors a smart home gadget with its 5-inch screen and includes features such as privacy centered apps such as encrypted email facility (ProtonMail), blockchain amiable Brave Browser and decentralized VPN Incognito.

HTC states the gadget offers more privacy that Google Nest or Amazon Alexa. The company also boasts that it is “the ultimate safeguard against the collection of data by big tech companies in your home”.

Phil Chen, distributed ledger technology’s chief officer at HTC, explained the advantages offered by Exodus 5G Hub:

“Exodus is about ownership. Owning your keys, owning your data, owning your privacy. Exodus is the shield against the onslaught of big tech and its assault on the privacy of your home. By using the Exodus 5G Hub, you have more control and ownership of your data than ever before.”

The features are comparable to a mobile phone, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, a microSD slot, 4GB memory, a Gigabit Ethernet port, a nano SIM slot, and a 7,660mAh battery.

The actual HTC Hub costs $600 but final price is yet to be disclosed for the upcoming version which is planned to be rolled out in 2Q20.

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