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HTX Partners with CertiK to Enhance Security and User Trust

In a significant development, HTX (formerly known as Huobi), the virtual assets exchange, has forged a strategic partnership with CertiK, a specialist in blockchain security. The collaboration aims to bolster HTX’s security framework, ensuring the protection of assets and data through the integration of CertiK’s expertise. This article delves into the details of this partnership and its implications for HTX and its user base.


Strengthening Security Infrastructure:

Through this strategic alliance, HTX has officially recognized CertiK as one of its preferred security vendors, acknowledging CertiK’s profound expertise in blockchain security. The primary objective of this collaboration is to enhance HTX’s existing security infrastructure significantly. CertiK’s Skynet Security Score, renowned for its precision and reliability, has been seamlessly integrated into HTX’s trading platform.


A Data-Driven Security Assessment:

The integration of CertiK’s Skynet Security Score empowers HTX and its platform users with a nuanced and data-driven assessment of the security landscape. This comprehensive evaluation covers not only HTX itself but also the diverse array of projects listed on its platform. HTX’s commitment to security and user protection is further underscored through this partnership.


Smart Contract Auditing Services:

In addition to the Skynet Security Score integration, CertiK will provide specialized smart contract auditing services tailored to meet the security requirements of HTX’s community. This signifies a multifaceted approach to ensuring the highest standards of security within the HTX ecosystem.


Extending Marketing Initiatives:

Beyond technical collaborations, this partnership extends into marketing endeavors aimed at targeting the user bases of both HTX and CertiK. These marketing programs will not only enhance visibility but also foster a sense of trust and security among users of both platforms.


Skynet: A Data-Driven Security Analysis Platform:

CertiK’s Skynet is an advanced Web3 security analysis platform that employs data-driven metrics to assess the real-time security status of blockchain projects. It evaluates both on-chain and off-chain data, providing a comprehensive Security Score that takes into account numerous critical factors. Skynet’s reach extends to a wide spectrum of Web3 projects, and its Security Score is seamlessly integrated into prominent cryptocurrency tracking platforms such as CoinMarketCap.


Enhancing User Experience and Safety:

For HTX users, the integration of CertiK’s Skynet Security Score means easy access to a leaderboard that offers instant evaluations of the security robustness of various projects. This added layer of transparency and safety empowers users with the assurance they need before engaging in any trading activities, significantly enhancing the overall user experience.


Commitment to User Trust and Satisfaction:

HTX’s dedication to safeguarding user assets and data is further solidified through this strategic partnership with CertiK. The collaborative effort sets the stage for an extended focus on a variety of security initiatives, cementing HTX’s commitment to building user trust and satisfaction.


Continued Strengthening of Security Infrastructure:

HTX’s pursuit of robust security measures remains unwavering. The collaboration with distinguished security institutions like CertiK underscores HTX’s commitment to continuously strengthen its security infrastructure.



The partnership between HTX and CertiK marks a pivotal moment in the world of blockchain security. With the integration of CertiK’s tools, expertise, and the Skynet Security Score, HTX is poised to offer its users a heightened level of security, transparency, and trust. This collaborative effort not only enhances the security of HTX’s platform but also sets a benchmark for the industry’s commitment to safeguarding user assets and data in the ever-evolving landscape of virtual assets exchange.

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