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Huawei Cloud Introduces Web 3.0 Node Engine Service for Enhanced Blockchain Connectivity

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., a leading provider of cloud infrastructure and services, has made a notable advancement in the field of blockchain technology. They have introduced a cutting-edge service called the Web 3.0 node engine service (NES) as part of their Huawei Cloud platform. Designed for public testing, this service offers a streamlined solution for managing blockchain networks, resource allocation, and authentication. Additionally, it provides developers with effortless integration capabilities with popular blockchains.

At present, the NES offers support for the Ethereum (ETH) and Tron (TRX) networks, enabling the provision of hosting services for Ethereum full nodes, encompassing execution and beacon nodes. As per the Huawei Cloud team, the Web 3.0 node engine service has been specifically developed to offer users a seamless experience, enhanced efficiency, and utmost dependability. The NES demonstrates impressive response times, as each node initiates within a matter of seconds and promptly adjusts to changes in traffic levels, thereby guaranteeing a seamless user experience. The service is particularly noteworthy for its commitment to ensuring 99.99% reliability and 100% data consistency.

Ensuring security is of utmost importance to Huawei Cloud, and this commitment extends to the NES as well. The service effectively manages risks by implementing a robust cluster-based approach, which eliminates any potential single points of failure (SPOF) and ensures the protection of validators. Validators have the opportunity to receive the highest possible rewards within the clustered node system. The Web 3.0 node engine service offered by Huawei Cloud is poised to revolutionize the decentralized application (DApp) industry. It aims to play a pivotal role in establishing a dependable, streamlined, and secure network connectivity, marking a significant milestone in this field.

Huawei Cloud has articulated its strategic vision to align with the Web3 ecosystem and has set forth ambitious long-term objectives. The company aims to actively participate in the advancement of cloud-based solutions that leverage Web3 blockchain technology. Huawei Cloud made significant progress in its foray into the Web3 domain in February, marked by the introduction of the Metaverse and Web3 Alliance. The formation of this alliance played a crucial role in advancing the adoption of decentralized technology in the East Asian region. Huawei Cloud has formed strategic partnerships with prominent blockchain entities such as BlockChain Solutions, Deepbrain Chain, Morpheus Labs, and Polygon, in order to spearhead this collaborative endeavor. The primary objective of the alliance was to create a robust ecosystem in the areas of blockchain and cloud-based technologies. This ecosystem aimed to offer users a wide range of high-quality infrastructure and solutions.

Huawei Cloud demonstrated its dedication to the Web3 ecosystem in March through the establishment of a strategic partnership with Internet Bridge, a specialized firm that concentrates on the development of Web 3.0 applications. Both parties collaborated to jointly explore the vast potential of cloud-based solutions that leverage Web3 blockchain technology. The main focus of the collaboration was on Web3 services in Malaysia, with the goal of promoting innovation and encouraging the adoption of Web3 technologies in the region.

In continuation of these encouraging advancements, Huawei Cloud has recently unveiled a noteworthy collaboration with Staynex, a renowned global vacation club platform. Huawei seeks to leverage the capabilities of Web3 technologies in order to revolutionize the travel and hospitality sector.

Staynex, led by CEO Bernard Lau, has a vision of enhancing the travel experience by providing a wider range of hotels and itinerary options that are specifically designed to cater to the unique preferences, lifestyles, and budgets of travelers. Lau demonstrates a positive outlook regarding the partnership with Huawei, placing emphasis on the considerable possibilities for creating groundbreaking solutions within the travel and hospitality industry. Huawei is making its foray into the travel industry, utilizing Web3 technologies to empower travelers worldwide.

Huawei Cloud continues to lead the way in driving the advancement of the Web3 ecosystem and embracing the vast potential offered by blockchain technology. Through its unwavering commitment to innovation in the cloud and decentralized technology sectors, Huawei Cloud maintains its position as a frontrunner in these domains. With the NES currently undergoing public testing, the Web3 community eagerly anticipates the potential transformative effects that Huawei Cloud’s Web 3.0 node engine service could have on decentralized applications and blockchain networks in the future.

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