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Huawei’s Web3 Foray: Expanding with Ethereum and TRON Node Engine Services

In a notable expansion of its technological portfolio, Chinese information and communication technology leader Huawei has ventured into the Web3 market, as confirmed in a recent announcement. The ICT giant has introduced the integration of Ethereum and TRON node engines into its array of services, marking a significant stride in its Web3 ambitions.

Huawei’s Cloud division has taken a significant step towards establishing a foothold in the evolving Web3 landscape by incorporating Ethereum and TRON node engines. This recent development follows closely on the heels of an update to its Ethereum stake operation instructions. The update clarified Huawei Cloud’s decision not to partake in the collection of blockchain addresses.

The newly unveiled offering, referred to as the “Web3.0 Node Engine Service,” constitutes a pivotal aspect of Huawei Cloud’s user information and documentation section. This service aims to simplify blockchain network management, resource allocation, and authentication processes. Notably, it empowers developers with the capacity to seamlessly connect with mainstream blockchains such as Ethereum. By providing a stable, efficient, and secure infrastructure, the Node Engine Service (NES) is poised to play a crucial role in facilitating Web3.0 initiatives.

Huawei Cloud’s overview elucidates that the Node Engine Service (NES) presently extends comprehensive full-node capabilities. This feature caters to the needs of DApp developers and users alike, enabling them to configure nodes that interact with blockchains seamlessly. NES’s utility extends to facilitating stake node carrier deployment and individual node configurations.

The overview further details the functionalities of the NES, highlighting its capacity to host Ethereum full nodes, encompassing execution and beacon nodes. Moreover, it empowers developers to run validator nodes, fostering connection with the hosted nodes, thereby forming an interconnected and functional network.

Huawei’s Node Engine Service (NES) was launched on July 30th, introducing support for two prominent blockchains: Ethereum and TRON. An inside source within the TRON ecosystem has emphasized that this support represents a significant milestone, not just in terms of public relations for TRON, but also in terms of bolstering its technical capabilities.

Beyond its foray into the Web3 domain, Huawei has been actively exploring the metaverse landscape. The company, along with other key players such as iFlytek, Xiaomi, and Mango TV, established the China Mobile Metaverse Industry Alliance during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai 2023. This collaborative endeavor aims to foster resource sharing, collaboration, and development in areas including metaverse content creation and emerging technologies like XR devices.

Meanwhile, the TRON network continues to witness remarkable growth on multiple fronts. According to TRONSCAN data, the total number of transactions on the TRON network has surpassed 6.2 billion, a testament to its robust activity and adoption. The total value locked in TRON’s ecosystem is reported to be $13.2 billion, underscoring the network’s economic significance and viability.

In conclusion, Huawei’s strategic expansion into the Web3 domain through the integration of Ethereum and TRON node engines signifies the company’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies. This move aligns with the broader trend of harnessing the potential of decentralized technologies to drive innovation and growth. Furthermore, Huawei’s exploration of the metaverse arena and TRON’s sustained network growth collectively underline the dynamic nature of the contemporary tech landscape, fueled by evolving trends and transformative technologies.

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