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Hyperspace Technologies Secures Patent for Blockchain-Driven Multi-Factor Authentication

In a pioneering move within the realm of cybersecurity, Hyperspace Technologies Limited, a Lagos-based Web3 startup specializing in advanced smart security infrastructure and key management systems, has successfully obtained a patent for its innovative Blockchain-powered Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) technology. This groundbreaking achievement marks a significant milestone in the company’s quest to revolutionize digital security.

Developed under the aegis of Hyperspace Technologies’ dedicated research and development (R&D) division, the cipherKEY tap2sign™ MFA system represents a cutting-edge security solution. It harnesses the decentralized attributes of blockchain technology, the robustness inherent in public/private key cryptography, and the convenience of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to establish an unprecedented level of protection against identity theft, phishing attacks, and social engineering exploits.

Dr. Oluseyi Akindeinde, credited as the mastermind behind this innovative MFA system, has envisioned a security paradigm that demands multiple authentication methods across diverse categories of credentials to affirm the user’s identity.

The patent application for this trailblazing technology was officially submitted on June 22, 2023. Subsequently, the patent certificate, examined by our correspondent, reveals that it was granted on August 28, 2023. In an era marked by the pervasive influence of digital transformation, the significance of security cannot be overstated. With individuals, businesses, and nations increasingly reliant on digital platforms for an array of activities, the imperative for robust security measures has never been more pronounced.

One such measure is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), a security framework necessitating the use of multiple authentication methods derived from distinct credential categories to corroborate the identity of the user. Today, Hyperspace Limited unveils cipherKEY tap2sign™, an innovative MFA technology that capitalizes on the security aspects of public/private keys, blockchain technology, the Web3 ecosystem, and contactless Near Field Communication (NFC) cards. This system introduces the concept of “proof of possession” and introduces a fourth dimension to authentication – “something you do.”

In the case of cipherKEY tap2sign™, “something you have” takes the form of the cipherKEY NFC card, and “something you do” entails tapping this card against your mobile device. This distinctive amalgamation of authentication factors renders the tap2sign™ system exceedingly secure and user-friendly. Prior to the attainment of the patent, the Blockchain-driven MFA underwent rigorous scrutiny and testing.

Dr. Akindeinde’s motivation for conceiving this MFA concept emanated from his unwavering advocacy for blockchain-based authentication procedures. “In a world where digital identities face escalating threats, where a single misstep can jeopardize your entire network, where each transaction we undertake leaves us exposed, we empathize with your concerns. We understand the sleepless nights. That’s precisely why we’ve devoted years to the development of cipherKEY tap2sign™ MFA – your impervious safeguard against security vulnerabilities.

“Visualize a fortress. A fortress so formidable and impenetrable that no unauthorized entity can breach, circumvent, or infiltrate it. That fortress is the cipherKEY tap2sign™ MFA, meticulously designed to shield what matters most to you – your identity, your data, your peace of mind,” Dr. Akindeinde conveyed. Hyperspace Technologies’ achievement of a patent for their revolutionary MFA technology underscores their commitment to redefining the landscape of digital security. As the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, innovative solutions like cipherKEY tap2sign™ emerge as pivotal assets in safeguarding the digital realm.

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