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Immutable Games Collaborates with Amazon Prime Gaming to Boost Gods Unchained

Immutable Games, a Web3 game developer, has joined forces with Amazon Prime Gaming in a strategic move to enhance the appeal of its trading card game, Gods Unchained. This collaboration introduces exclusive in-game content for Prime Gaming members, coinciding with the launch of Gods Unchained’s Season 2, named Far Horizons. The partnership aims to address the challenges faced by Web3 games in reaching a wider audience and to introduce the unique gaming experience to new players.


Prime Gaming Benefits:

Prime Gaming members who link their in-game accounts will now receive monthly access to exclusive items within Gods Unchained. With Amazon Prime boasting over 200 million members, the exposure on its front page is anticipated to introduce the game to a significant player base.


Season 2: Far Horizons and Tides of Fate Expansion:

Immutable Games, based in Sydney, Australia, shared details about Season 2, “Far Horizons,” which brings innovative God Powers, visual enhancements, and a substantial expansion set titled “Tides of Fate.” The expansion includes 142 collectible cards and nine in-game-only “chained” cards, introducing a fresh manasurge mechanic. Players choosing between Dragons and Mechs contribute to their faction’s success, influencing legendary cards and a cosmetic card back.


Content Creator Program:

Gods Unchained is actively encouraging user-generated content through its Content Creator Program. Contributors can earn $GODS tokens ranging from 300 to 6,000 per month, coupled with additional bonuses tied to viewership milestones. This initiative aims to reward and highlight passionate community members, fostering engagement and creativity.


Mobile Launch and Collaboration with iLogos:

Looking ahead, Gods Unchained is gearing up for a full mobile launch following a successful pre-alpha release for Android devices. The collaboration with iLogos, a mobile solutions provider, is set to bring the game to both Android and iOS platforms later this year. This move aligns with the broader strategy of making Gods Unchained accessible to a wider audience, emphasizing a free-to-play approach initially.


Amazon Prime Gaming Rewards:

Daniel Paez, the Vice President and Executive Producer of Gods Unchained at Immutable Games, expressed excitement about the collaboration with Amazon Prime Gaming. The rewards offered to players through linking their Prime accounts are seen as a significant step in reintroducing Gods Unchained to the overall gaming market. Paez emphasized the focus on creating a robust core loop, ensuring the game can stand on its own legs without relying solely on the crypto element.


Testing the Waters and Future Plans:

The collaboration with Prime Gaming is viewed as a testing ground for the game’s ability to attract players based on its inherent gaming experience. The Tides of Fate expansion is positioned as a pivotal moment, initiating a new season and offering players a refreshed gaming experience with the introduction of new mechanics, including card crafting.



Immutable Games’ collaboration with Amazon Prime Gaming marks a strategic move to broaden the reach of Web3 gaming and introduce Gods Unchained to a wider audience. The infusion of exclusive rewards, expansions, and the emphasis on user-generated content underscores the commitment to engaging the gaming community. As Gods Unchained prepares for its full mobile launch and introduces innovative features, it positions itself to appeal to both Web2 and Web3 players, aiming to stand as a compelling game experience beyond the confines of the crypto element.

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