Immutable Launches Public Testing of zkEVM Layer-2 Blockchain in Collaboration with Polygon August 15, 2023 August 15, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Immutable Launches Public Testing of zkEVM Layer-2 Blockchain in Collaboration with Polygon


Immutable, a prominent web3 gaming platform, has recently unveiled the initiation of public testing for its latest layer-2 blockchain, named Immutable zkEVM. This innovative blockchain introduction is driven by the vision to alleviate dependence on a single network infrastructure. The core feature of Immutable zkEVM is its zero-knowledge (ZK) rollup mechanism, which seeks to reduce gas fees and enhance transaction capacity. By ensuring compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, developers can seamlessly transition their existing smart contracts from Ethereum to Immutable’s zkEVM testnet.

Enhanced Network Architecture:

The foundation of Immutable zkEVM rests on Polygon’s Supernets, a pioneering program designed to facilitate the establishment of application-specific blockchains. Immutable’s new layer-2 blockchain will function alongside Immutable X, a validium solution constructed using StarkNet technology. According to L2Beat, StarkNet currently holds the esteemed position of being the seventh-largest layer-2 project in the industry.

Empowering Game Developers:

The collaborative effort between Immutable and Polygon bears the potential to revolutionize the options available to game developers. This alliance empowers developers with an array of infrastructure partners to select from, mitigating the inherent risks associated with relying solely on a single partner. By providing this increased flexibility, the collaboration seeks to foster a more favorable environment for game developers to innovate and thrive.

Addressing Industry Challenges:

The introduction of Immutable’s zkEVM and the collaboration with Polygon resonates with Immutable’s overarching strategy to cultivate and enhance the web3 gaming ecosystem. This strategic move addresses critical issues related to scalability and cost-effectiveness that have been pertinent within the gaming industry. Through the provision of multiple layer-2 solutions, Immutable aims to tackle these challenges head-on and lay the foundation for sustainable growth within the sector.


Immutable’s bold step towards launching public testing for its zkEVM layer-2 blockchain, coupled with the strategic partnership with Polygon Labs, signifies a momentous leap towards establishing a more resilient and adaptable infrastructure for web3 gaming applications. As the industry continues to evolve, these initiatives are poised to contribute significantly to the development of a thriving, diverse, and technologically advanced gaming landscape.

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