Immutable Unveils zkEVM Mainnet for Gaming: A Revolution in Web3 Gaming Jan 30, 2024 Jan 30, 2024 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Immutable Unveils zkEVM Mainnet for Gaming: A Revolution in Web3 Gaming

In the dynamic realm of blockchain technology, Immutable has recently introduced the early-access launch of its zkEVM Mainnet, a groundbreaking development tailored explicitly for web3 gaming. Recognized as “the first of its kind,” this Polygon-powered chain is poised to address critical challenges faced by game developers, providing a solution to the demands of speed, scalability, and regulatory compliance.

A Dedicated Blockchain for Gaming: Revolutionizing the Landscape

Robust Performance and Gas-Free Gaming Experience:

Game developers frequently encounter challenges on existing chains, where high-performance demands clash with prolonged transaction finalization times. Immutable’s blog underscores the necessity for an environment prioritizing speed and scalability, highlighting the inadequacies of chains like Ethereum mainnet plagued by latency issues and steep gas fees. The newly introduced zkEVM chain not only aims to resolve these issues but also pioneers a gas-free gaming experience for players through behind-the-scenes transaction fee payment.

Regulatory Compliance:

Immutable zkEVM goes beyond addressing technical challenges; it provides tools essential for global web3 gaming companies to adhere to crucial regulations. This includes measures to prohibit users from sanctioned countries and the identification and elimination of accounts associated with terrorism and crime, ensuring a secure and compliant gaming environment.


Imminent Market Domination: A Statement from Robbie Ferguson

Strategic Market Share:

The significance of Immutable zkEVM’s release is emphasized by Robbie Ferguson, president & co-founder of Immutable. He declares that the chain is exclusively designed for gamers and gaming studios, ensuring that every aspect aligns with the expectations of the gaming audience. With over 200 games committing to building on Immutable in the past year, the platform has achieved a remarkable market share of close to 70%. Ferguson anticipates a transformative year in 2024, witnessing the launch of numerous games and the adoption of the next gaming experience by tens of millions of players.

Smooth Migration for Game Developers:

Michael Powell, Immutable’s head of product marketing, highlights specific aspects of Immutable zkEVM that reduce friction for game studios. Developers can effortlessly migrate existing EVM-based smart contracts to the new environment or use smart contract templates provided by Immutable. This facilitates a streamlined development process, allowing studios to allocate more resources to creating exceptional games.

Gas-Free Functionality:

The introduction of gas-free functionality for gamers using Immutable Passport further enhances the user experience. This innovative approach eliminates the need for players to navigate the complexities of gas payments, enabling them to play and trade without any interruption. Powell emphasizes that for games aspiring to build large-scale experiences on Ethereum, Immutable zkEVM stands as an unparalleled option.

Developer Engagement:

Currently in early access mode, Immutable zkEVM has initiated its journey with a select group of gaming and ecosystem partners. Project developers interested in joining this innovative blockchain can sign up for a waitlist, with admissions to the mainnet occurring in phases. Additionally, any developer has the opportunity to deploy on the Immutable zkEVM testnet, fostering an environment for experimentation and refinement.

Tailored for Games:

In contrast to general-purpose chains, Immutable zkEVM stands out by being purpose-built for games. Powell underscores the importance of optimizing for scale, speed, and native user experiences in the gaming industry. The blockchain also facilitates direct integration into Immutable’s platform of gaming products, offering a comprehensive solution for game studios that covers development, distribution, marketing, marketplaces, analytics, and more.


Immutable’s introduction of zkEVM Mainnet marks a significant stride in revolutionizing the landscape of web3 gaming. With a dedicated focus on addressing the unique challenges faced by game developers, this blockchain promises to not only enhance performance but also streamline regulatory compliance. As the gaming industry embraces this innovative solution, Immutable zkEVM is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of blockchain-powered gaming experiences.

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