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India’s Cypherock X1 Hardware Wallet Receives Outstanding 4.8/5 Rating from Coin Bureau

Cypherock, the innovative web3 security startup, proudly announces that its revolutionary product, the Cypherock X1 hardware wallet, has been accorded an exceptional rating of 4.8/5 by Coin Bureau, a leading influencer in the web3 and blockchain domain. This recognition signifies the highest rating ever bestowed by Coin Bureau upon a cold wallet.


Cypherock’s Mission and Origin:

Established in 2019 by Rohan Agarwal and Vipul Saini, Cypherock is committed to empowering individuals with self-sovereignty, providing unparalleled control over their Cryptocurrencies and digital assets such as NFTs. The Cypherock X1, designed to transform private key management, addresses fundamental challenges encountered by current crypto wallet solutions.


Made in India Excellence in Electronics and Technology

Notably, the Cypherock X1 proudly stands as a Made in India hardware wallet, contributing to the growing recognition of India’s capabilities in the electronics and technology sector. This achievement holds significance in an industry where few global electronic devices are acknowledged as Made in India.


Coin Bureau’s Comprehensive Review:

In a detailed review, Coin Bureau commended the Cypherock X1 for its outstanding features and innovative design. The hardware wallet employs encrypted NFC-based cards to store users’ private keys and seed phrases, providing an industry-leading secure option for safeguarding assets and mitigating risks associated with seed phrases. Coin Bureau highlighted, “The Cypherock is one of the most secure wallets we’ve reviewed!”


Open-Source Transparency:

Cypherock X1 is an open-source hardware wallet for secure crypto storage, promoting transparency by allowing users access to the codebase for scrutiny and verification. The wallet underwent thorough audits by leading security firms KeyLabs and WalletScrutiny, solidifying its position as the world’s premier hardware wallet for crypto storage.


Enhanced Security Measures:

The Cypherock X1 cold wallet eliminates risks associated with seed phrase backups, offering heightened security against potential vulnerabilities or a single point of failure. Users can import seed phrases of up to 4 wallets and use Cypherock X1 as a seed phrase backup. Additionally, users can manage portfolios of all these wallets in a single app developed by Cypherock, catering to both beginners and experienced users with its user-friendly interface.


Shamir Secret Sharing Implementation:

Implementing Shamir Secret Sharing, the wallet enhances private key security by decentralizing cryptographic parts across multiple components – 4 X1 cards and 1 vault device. Users only need to fetch any one of their four X1 cards and tap it on the vault device to complete a transaction. The wallet’s EAL6+ security certification, dual-chip architecture, OLED display, and joystick for offline transaction verification ensure bank-grade security.


Integration and Endorsements:

The Cypherock X1 seamlessly integrates with WalletConnect, facilitating connections with favorite dApps for DeFi activities.


Expressions of Gratitude and Encouragement:

Rohan Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO of Cypherock, expressed gratitude for the exceptional rating from Coin Bureau, validating their commitment to excellence in redefining crypto security. Vipul Saini, Co-founder and CTO, urges users to prioritize asset and data security by switching to secure hardware wallets, emphasizing their commitment through the Coin Bureau rating and Keylabs security audit.



The outstanding 4.8/5 rating from Coin Bureau reaffirms Cypherock’s dedication to revolutionizing crypto security and empowering individuals with true self-sovereignty. The Cypherock X1 hardware wallet stands as a testament to innovation and quality, proudly contributing to the ‘Make in India’ initiative on the global tech stage.

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