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India’s OVO Farm Pioneers Blockchain Technology to Revolutionize Egg Production

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, its integration into various sectors is increasingly apparent. Notably, the agro-business sector is embracing technology to enhance production quality, leveraging advancements in seeds, soil, and other inputs. Balangir’s ‘OVO Farm’ stands out as a trailblazer, becoming the first in India to implement cutting-edge ‘Blockchain’ technology in egg production.


Blockchain Unveils Transparency in Egg Quality


Internationally recognized for its utility in digitally recording product information, Blockchain technology has found a unique application at ‘OVO Farm’ in Chhatamakhana village, Balangir. Consumers now benefit from a transparent view of egg quality by scanning the QR code on the package when purchasing crates. This innovation provides information such as production date, quality, and nutritional value, elevating consumer awareness and choice.


Ensuring Healthy Egg Production Through Technological Measures


‘OVO Farm’ places a strong emphasis on producing healthy eggs, adopting stringent measures to secure the chickens’ environment and regularly monitor their health. Adhering to the ‘Bio Secure Zone’ protocol, the farm ensures chicks remain antibiotic-free. Employing UV treatment, dry cleaning, candling, grading, and eco-friendly packaging, the farm strives to deliver superior quality eggs to consumers.


Samarendra Mishra, one of the Co-founders and directors of OVO Farms, stated, “We prioritize the use of the latest technology in egg production, aiming to elevate standards to global levels. Eggs exported abroad undergo rigorous testing to ensure quality compliance.”


OVO Farm: Catalyzing Economic Growth in Balangir


Situated in Balangir, a major city in West Odisha, ‘OVO Farm’ has emerged as a leading egg producer in East India, boasting a daily production capacity of approximately 10 lakh eggs. Entrepreneurs Soumendra and Samarendra Mishra have played a pivotal role in establishing this ultramodern egg industry, providing over 300 people in Balangir district with sustainable livelihood opportunities.


Soumendra Mishra, Co-founder and Director of OVO Farm, highlighted the transformative impact, stating, “When OVO Farms started, Western Odisha lacked a business-friendly environment. The engagement of local youth from nearby villages has now created a source of decent income.”


‘Kenko’: A Brand Synonymous with Nutrient-Rich Eggs


Recognizing the nutritional powerhouse that eggs represent, OVO Farm markets its high-quality products under the brand name ‘Kenko.’ Varieties such as Hi-Pro, Brown, Immuno, Hearty, MoreOVOr’, and On-Day cater to diverse consumer preferences. These eggs are available in modern grocery chains and exclusive Kenko outlets across the country, with plans for further expansion.


Global Aspirations: Exporting Quality Eggs Worldwide


OVO Farm’s success story extends beyond national borders, with eggs now being exported to Qatar and Africa. Future plans include expanding the export network to countries such as Sri Lanka and Australia, underscoring OVO Farm’s commitment to elevating the standards of the egg industry on a global scale.

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