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Infotrend and Amberdata Secure Three-Year SEC Contract for Digital Asset Analytics

Infotrend, a solutions architecture specialist, has been granted a significant three-year contract by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to provide blockchain and digital assets data, in addition to advanced digital asset ecosystem analytics. In an effort to bolster data coverage and enhance the SEC’s capabilities in regulating the dynamic digital asset landscape, Infotrend has partnered with digital asset data and analytics firm Amberdata. This partnership aims to provide the SEC with valuable insights and analytics tools that will aid in research, trading, risk analysis, reporting, and compliance.


Developing Essential Data Resources:


Infotrend is tasked with the responsibility of delivering blockchain and digital asset analytics to the Securities Exchange Commission. Over the duration of a three-year contract, Infotrend will undertake the development of comprehensive data dictionaries and catalogues, as well as logical and physical data models. These foundational resources will empower the SEC to effectively dissect and comprehend the intricate digital asset ecosystem.


Enhanced Data Coverage Through Collaboration:


In a strategic collaboration, Infotrend has forged a partnership with Amberdata, a distinguished digital asset data and analytics firm. Amberdata will supply its market, blockchain, and decentralized finance data suite, providing the SEC with access to a wealth of historical and real-time data. This partnership promises to equip the SEC with crucial insights and advanced analytics tools.


Supporting SEC Mission Objectives:


Gurpreet Singh, CEO of Infotrend, expressed his deep commitment to this partnership and his unwavering support for the SEC’s mission objectives. These objectives encompass the protection of investors, the maintenance of fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and the facilitation of capital formation. By offering a comprehensive view of the digital assets ecosystem, Infotrend aims to empower the SEC in the pursuit of these critical goals.


Growing Demand for Accurate Data:


Shawn Douglass, CEO of Amberdata, underscored the growing demand within Infotrend’s Federal clientele for granular, accurate, and timely digital asset data. This demand reflects the increasing importance of having access to accurate information in the ever-evolving digital asset landscape.


The SEC’s Path to Enhanced Regulatory Capabilities:


This collaboration between Infotrend and Amberdata positions the SEC to gain access to advanced analytics and comprehensive data coverage, which are essential for effectively regulating and navigating the constantly changing digital asset landscape. This strategic partnership is set to have a profound impact on the SEC’s ability to maintain fair markets, protect investors, and ensure efficient capital formation.


Expanding Data Capabilities:


As part of the three-year contract, Infotrend will go beyond merely supplying data. The company will establish an extract, transform, load (ETL) framework, testing protocols, training methodologies, and strategic communication approaches. These comprehensive measures will serve to fortify the SEC’s capabilities in managing digital asset data effectively and ensuring regulatory compliance.


Amplified Data Suite:


The involvement of Amberdata significantly amplifies the SEC’s access to digital asset data. Through Amberdata, the SEC will receive market, blockchain, and decentralized finance data, both historical and real-time. This extensive data suite will provide the SEC with a competitive edge, enabling them to make informed decisions for investor protection and market efficiency.


Strong Commitment to Collaboration:


The commitment of both Infotrend and Amberdata to this collaboration underscores the shared dedication to the SEC’s mission and the role it plays in the financial markets. Their partnership will undoubtedly contribute to the SEC’s evolving data capabilities and analytical insights.




Infotrend and Amberdata’s successful bid to secure a three-year contract with the Securities Exchange Commission marks a significant milestone in the regulation of the digital asset landscape. Through the provision of comprehensive data resources and enhanced data coverage, this partnership ensures the SEC’s ability to navigate and regulate digital assets effectively, contributing to fair markets, investor protection, and efficient capital formation. The commitment of both companies to this collaboration is evident, and the resulting synergy is poised to make a lasting impact on the SEC’s regulatory capabilities.

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