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InvoiceMate and TradeFinex Pave the Way with Successful Invoice Tokenization on XDC Blockchain

In a significant milestone for the blockchain industry, InvoiceMate recently concluded a successful pilot initiative, demonstrating the seamless tokenization of invoices utilizing the XDC blockchain protocol. This groundbreaking project, leveraging TradeFinex’s open-source smart contract standards, showcased the transformative potential of obtaining liquidity through the tokenization of Real World Assets (RWAs). The success of this endeavor underscores the efficiency and innovation brought about by blockchain-powered financing in traditional financial landscapes.


Invoice Tokenization Success with XDC Blockchain: A Paradigm Shift in Finance


InvoiceMate’s Innovative Pilot Initiative:

InvoiceMate, acting as the loan originator, achieved a notable feat by securing funds for client H & H International LLC through the tokenization of essential documentation, including the invoice. The process resulted in a substantial cash flow of $FXD 100,000 (FXD) over a 60-day period. Notably, $FXD is a fully decentralized stablecoin, softly pegged to US Dollars, and overcollateralized with the $XDC token using the Fathom Protocol, primarily tailored for RWA DeFi use cases.


Streamlined Processes and Achievements:

The pilot initiative successfully converted a conventional paper-based invoice into an electronic format, followed by the tokenization and fractionalization of the electronic invoice. Capital provisioning against the fractionalized electronic invoice for a 60-day period was executed using the FXD stablecoin, showcasing the efficiency and viability of blockchain-powered financial transactions.


Key Participants and Solutions:


Participants in the Pilot:

The collaborative effort involved key players in the blockchain and financial sectors, including InvoiceMate as the loan originator and tech facilitator, H & H International LLC as the client, Eclipton as the institutional digital asset custodian, and TradeFinex, a pioneer in reshaping trade finance and private credit landscapes through open-source smart contract standards.


Solutions Employed:

The pilot leveraged essential solutions such as TradeFinex’s open-source smart contract standards, the XDC Network as an enterprise-grade, open-source blockchain protocol, $FXD as a stablecoin pegged to USD, and Eclipton’s institutional digital asset wallet for seamless transactions.


Quotes and Future Prospects:


Muhammad Salman Anjum, CEO of InvoiceMate:

Mr. Anjum expressed the significance of the successful transaction, stating, “This represents the first step in our collaboration with TradeFinex using the XDC Network. We are actively exploring the XDC Network as the blockchain protocol for future pilots within our invoice financing platform.”


Chen Shanlong, Marketing and Partnerships Lead of XDC Network and TradeFinex:

Mr. Shanlong highlighted the potential for addressing funding gaps in trade finance, stating, “Deploying smart contracts powered by the XDC protocol allows us to address the MSMEs funding gap in trade finance. We look forward to scaling up Private Credit deal flow with like-minded partners and establishing standards within the RWA space using powerful smart contract standards created by Tradefinex.”


Mahesh Kumar, CEO of Eclipton:

Mr. Kumar emphasized Eclipton’s commitment to expanding blockchain applications and fostering financial inclusion, stating, “The collaboration with XDC and Invoicemate further strengthens Eclipton’s commitment to expanding blockchain applications and fostering financial inclusion through innovative solutions.”



The successful invoice tokenization pilot on the XDC blockchain marks a pivotal moment in the partnership between TradeFinex and InvoiceMate. As the blockchain industry continues to evolve, such collaborative efforts pave the way for the integration of innovative financial solutions, setting new standards within the realm of Real World Asset financing.

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