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IOTA Introduces Web2 and Web3 Login Solution Using Self-Sovereign Identity

With the launch of Login with IOTA, IOTA is providing consumers with an exceptional experience. IOTA has teamed up with, a vendor of open-source web3 framework, to offer a registration service for Web2 and Web3 apps. The objective of Login with IOTA is to overcome conventional systems’ privacy flaws. Usually, privacy flaws burden conventional Identity and Access Management techniques. IOTA plans to accomplish this by allowing Web2 and Web3 applications to make use of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) for user enrollment.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) has become an extensively discussed topic in the sector, as noted by IOTA. This is because it is liable for facilitating the onboarding of users into systems such as e-commerce, social networking sites, and electronic governance. In earlier times, IAM had chosen centralization over anonymity. With the advent of Web3, however, fresh IAM models centered on cryptographic keys for managing crypto assets were developed. IOTA has endeavored to identify an IAM system that values security and confidentiality. “SSI is the core of the novel solution, which we refer to as Login With IOTA.” IOTA explains.

IOTA has been investigating the idea of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) for the last five years. SSI provides individuals with control over the amount of data concerning them that is made available to third parties. On the contrary, verification experts have the guarantee of getting true and trustworthy details. In reality, government initiatives in the EU have begun to recognize SSI. IOTA is of the opinion that SSI has the potential to evolve into the de facto norm for sharing identity information and certificates.

With the incorporation of SSI in IAM, IOTA is currently focused on resolving the issue of rendering private data exposed by storing it in centralized repositories. For Web2, Login with IOTA provides many advantages, such as integrating SSI into Web2 and enhancing legacy verification, among other customer-linked remedies.

To fill the gap between SSI and Web2, built the IDP Kit, an OpenID Connect-compliant identification vendor that enables the extension of prevailing legacy verification and Customer Identity and Access Management systems (including Keycloak) with the capability to check and handle Verifiable Credentials. For Web3 apps, the combination of authentication with IOTA and offers a number of significant benefits. IOTA is explained additionally;

Web3 and other decentralized applications do not require intermediaries, such as the IDP Kit. Rather, a direct link is created between consumers and the app via the Self-Issued OpenID Connect Protocol. (SIOP).’s Wallet Kit and SSI Kit contain a framework that allows developers to create SIOP-enabled apps.

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