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IPFS Support Incorporated in Desktop Version of Brave Browser

Highly acclaimed blockchain Technology-based Brave web browser has incorporated Interplanetary File System (IPFS) to cement decentralised web access.

As per media release made on January 19, Brave has embedded IPFS in desktop supporting web browser for Linux, Mac OS and Windows, paving way for users to incorporate the covenant in an easy manner.

IPFS is a p2p Odia (peer-to-peer) hypermedia covenant structured to turn web quicker, secure and more transparent. The Covenant intends to augment or likely even substitute the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), which is a key client-based covenant utilized to move web pages through a network. In the media release, Brave highlighted some critical problems related to HTTP:

“The underlying protocol of the web today is HTTP, which dictates where power exists in those applications. HTTP puts publishers in complete control of service availability and data access, making end users passive receivers instead of having agency in the relationship.”

Per se, the incorporation of IPFS in Brave browser is a great initiative to reengineer prevailing internet framework, handing over control to individuals rather than publishers, as per brave. The firm further stated: “IPFS changes this dynamic by enabling direct communication and sharing between users over a cooperative public network.”

The foremost roll out of in-house support for IPFS offers fundamental node functionality, and brave intends to unveil additional IPFS deployments this year, including the addition of IPFS assistance to Android browser of Brave.

The company will also trial integration of several features and also economic models pertaining to the network utility token of Brave i.e. Basic Attention Token (BAT) and Filecoin (FIL).

There are several companies trialing with IPFS, in addition to Brave. Back in March 2020, Opera browser rolled out IPFS native addressing facility in their Android browser, while started backing IPFS on Android 57.

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