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Jewelry Firm Yvel Introduces Blockchain Investment Protection

A piece of exquisite jewelry has traditionally been seen as an appropriate token of appreciation to mark significant life events, particularly those that are romantic in nature. But could the currents indicate a shift toward sharing something that is less glamorous and more practical? For those who are concerned about their financial futures, the practice of giving shares in a business or investment vehicle as a present has been more common in recent years.

Those who may consider high-value material presents to be frivolous may find the idea of gifting stocks or other potential wealth-building assets to be an intriguing alternative. However, what if you could enjoy the advantages of both types of gifts? Despite the widespread opinion that luxury items and jewelry are frivolous investments, some luxury products and jewelry have shown the potential to surpass more conventional forms of capitalization.

After 36 years in the jewelry industry, the Jerusalem-based jewelry company Yvel, which is owned and operated by a family, has decided to go into the realm of financial products. Yvel is creating a one-of-a-kind financial instrument by combining real-world customized guarantees with digital assets and investments with the introduction of their Independent Non-Fungible Security (INFS) cryptocurrency. The non-fungible token (NFT) technology is combined with an extra layer of investment protection provided by INFS’s practice of linking each digital security to a tangible luxury good.

In case anybody is interested, the inaugural INFS assets that were released by Yvel were in the form of 5,000 24-karat gold coins, each of which included a unique arrangement of precious stones. With the use of NFT technology, the holders of each of these physical coins are given access to digital ownership tools that enable them to keep their investment and get additional benefits.

Any firm will be able to use the INFS platform, and they will have the ability to personalize the promises they provide to their customers by providing incentives like as items, experiences, subscription services, or profit-sharing. Because of this unique architecture, investors and clients of a firm are able to keep INFS and benefit from it, trade it to other purchasers, or redeem it for $10,000 worth of Yvel jewelry.

Many people have the impression that cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are games best suited for younger people. The current bad market may convince older generations, who have seen multiple asset booms and investing fads come and go, to completely disregard digital assets as an investment vehicle. INFS is linking these two worlds and providing investors who are wary about cryptocurrencies with an alluring safety net so they may investigate the opportunities presented by blockchain investing. Yvel is providing security guarantees in the form of a valuable commodity with a proven worth that is uncorrelated to stock and cryptocurrency markets by using its legacy and skill in luxury workmanship.

Do not be misled into thinking that the combination of high-end jewelry, technological and financial instruments is in any way questionable. Luxury items, which were traditionally thought of as frivolous, are now undergoing a reevaluation in terms of their efficiency as an investment instrument. And this is not only for those who are up-to-date on the latest trends. As a component of a diversified financial portfolio, women’s handbags and jewelry of heirloom quality are increasingly being recommended as investments by eminent financial advisors in the form of how-to manuals.

The INFS project is presently at the Genesis phase, during which authorized investors may now buy 2,500 gold tokens out of the original 5,000 that are available to be purchased. In spite of the sticker shock that may be caused by the purchase price of $10,000, early certified investors have the opportunity to earn up to 25 percent of the profits earned by the platform and to have the coin engraved according to their exact requirements. The purchase price includes not only the actual Yvel coin but also the option to trade it in for $10,000 worth of Yvel jewelry as well as the legal right to any income that may be generated by the Yvel coin.

The company’s history moves on to the next stage with Yvel’s entrance into the world of finance and blockchain technology. The company was established in 1986 by Isaac and Orna Levy, and since then it has developed into a market leader in the jewelry industry in Israel by introducing novel approaches to the artistic production of jewelry as well as to issues of social responsibility. The company’s amazing designs have won several important prizes and have been seen on red carpets all over the globe. All of the company’s products are created at its headquarters in Jerusalem.

In addition, Yvel places a strong emphasis on the cultivation and development of talent from communities of new immigrants and other marginalized groups. The Jerusalem atelier is home to the Megemeria School of Jewelry and Art, an institution whose mission is to inspire Ethiopian immigrants to make the most of their natural ability and acquired abilities in the field of jewelry crafting and design. Yvel sells items from the Megemeria School’s student-created collection as part of an exclusive collection. The money made from the sales goes toward maintaining operations and allowing other children to participate in the program.

INFS and Yvel are offering something that may be seen both literally and metaphorically as a diamond in the rough. Having the choice to retain assets that are related to tried-and-true physical equivalents is a feasible and accessible way to go ahead as the cryptocurrency sector heals, especially as investors begin to carefully wade back into the cryptocurrency field.

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