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Joseon: Pioneering the Future of Digital Governance on Blockchain

In a groundbreaking move, Joseon, introduced in 2023, has emerged as the world’s first legally recognized cyber nation-state, operating seamlessly on distributed ledger technology. This marks a significant shift in the landscape of digital governance, positioning Joseon as a visionary experiment in utilizing blockchain beyond economic transactions.

A Model of Web3 Governance:

Joseon’s integration of blockchain stands as a testament to its commitment to societal welfare. It serves as a model for the entire Web3 segment, showcasing how blockchain can create a secure, transparent, and equitable digital economy. The nation’s approach to digital identity, governance, and currency sets a precedent for innovation meeting practical application.

National Governance Code: A Unique Hybrid Rule:

According to the Code of National Governance, Joseon recognizes all languages and religions, embodying a commitment to diversity. Operating under a Direct Democracy Constitutional Monarchy, a hybrid form of rule, it is a non-territorial successor to the historical Joseon Empire, founded in 1392. This unique legal design has gained official recognition from Antigua and Barbuda, demonstrating its potential for global acceptance.

A Digital Dominion:

Unlike traditional nation-states tethered to land, Joseon’s legal design transcends geographical demarcations, existing as a realm governed by digital dominions. The concept of sovereignty here is revolutionary, with the nation making no territorial claims on the Korean Peninsula. Instead, it seeks friendly relations with current inhabitants, introducing a novel paradigm in international relations.

Denizenship: Redefining Digital Identity:

Joseon replaces traditional citizenship with denizenship, centered around a personal interest corporation called a “denizen.” This innovative model synergizes physical and cyber identities, paving the way for a future where reputations become fungible. It envisions a globally interconnected and efficient digital world, transcending traditional boundaries.

Blockchain Infrastructure: Joseon Denizenship Program:

At the core of Joseon’s blockchain infrastructure is the groundbreaking Joseon Denizenship program and its robust digital ID system. This program revolutionizes traditional identification methods and sets new standards in security, transparency, and efficiency. Leading cryptocurrency exchanges, including Biconomy and LATOKEN, have embraced this visionary concept, integrating Joseon IDs into their KYC processes.

Tokenomic Design: The Significance of Joseon Mun (JSM):

Central to Joseon’s tokenomic design is the official legal tender, Joseon Mun (JSM). While its integration across exchanges is a milestone, its true essence lies in being an unbannable cryptocurrency. As a digital currency issued by a sovereign state, Joseon Mun redefines the relationship between state sovereignty and blockchain innovation. It plays a pivotal role in Joseon’s financial system, serving as a backbone for remittance and legal tender frameworks, offering a fiat-like “unbannable” currency for diverse use cases.


Joseon’s foray into the realm of digital governance on blockchain is reshaping the future of nation-states. With its pioneering approach to governance, digital identity, and cryptocurrency, Joseon stands as a beacon for others in the crypto space. The nation’s commitment to inclusivity, transparency, and innovation positions it as a model for the evolving landscape of digital governance.

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