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Market NewsNovember 15, 2023 by Kelly Cromley

JPMorgan and Apollo Pioneer Blockchain Integration for Wealth Management

In a groundbreaking collaboration, JPMorgan and Apollo are spearheading a project that envisions the future of wealth management, leveraging blockchain technology and tokens. The significance of this partnership lies in the pursuit of a unified platform that provides investors with a comprehensive view of their positions, risks, wins, and losses, all in one consolidated space. The proof-of-concept for this ambitious initiative was unveiled at the Singapore Fintech Festival, aligning with the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s forward-thinking initiative.


Unveiling a Bold Vision:

Tyrone Lobban, Head of JPMorgan’s Onyx Digital Assets, articulated the collaborative vision with Apollo, emphasizing the aspiration to bring about a transformative shift in the asset and wealth management industry. The focal point of this vision is the establishment of a new paradigm for portfolio management, harnessing the capabilities of blockchain technology.


Proof-of-Concept Unveiled:

The unveiling of the proof-of-concept marked a significant milestone in demonstrating the feasibility and flexibility of using blockchain to manage a diverse array of discretionary portfolios. The portfolios, comprised of tokenized traditional and alternative investments across various blockchains, were showcased to emphasize the uniqueness of each investor’s account within the overarching management structure.


Portfolio Management Innovation – Crescendo Prototype:

To bring this pioneering concept to life, JPMorgan and Apollo introduced the Crescendo prototype, a portfolio construction and management tool. This tool was designed to showcase the management of separate managed accounts (SMAs) at scale, offering a streamlined approach with reduced barriers to entry. The prototype aligns with the collaborative goal of revolutionizing portfolio management in the digital era.


Blockchain in Brokerage Accounts:

While the current buzz surrounds the pursuit of a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), wherein investors aspire to integrate bitcoin into their brokerage accounts, JPMorgan and Apollo are taking a distinctive approach. Rather than merely facilitating the purchase of cryptocurrencies within traditional brokerage accounts, they aim to embed actual blockchains directly into these accounts, adding a new dimension to wealth management strategies.


Playing to Strengths – Model Portfolios and Alternative Investments:

JPMorgan and Apollo strategically leverage their respective strengths in this collaborative venture. JPMorgan’s expertise in model portfolios aligns seamlessly with Apollo’s proficiency in alternative investments. This strategic synergy aims to create a robust framework for managing diverse portfolios efficiently.



The collaboration between JPMorgan and Apollo signifies a groundbreaking step towards integrating blockchain technology into wealth management practices. By envisioning a future where investors can seamlessly navigate their portfolios across diverse blockchains, the partnership underscores a commitment to transforming traditional approaches to asset and wealth management. The unveiling of the proof-of-concept and the introduction of the Crescendo prototype mark the beginning of a new era in portfolio management, offering investors enhanced visibility and flexibility in their financial endeavors.

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