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Market NewsAugust 9, 2020 by Kelly Cromley

Kava Labs Collaborates with BNB48 Club to Improve BNB DeFi Insight

Kava Labs has entered into a partnership with BNB48, a leading group dedicated to assist Binance community and huge quantity holders of BNB token.

Kava, which offers multi-chain DeFi lending platform, stated that BNB48 will function as a technical consultant for the Kava community and offer a range of services, including professional product evaluation and technical consulting for token stakers, China based validators of Kava, and users of lending platform.

Besides, Kava Labs will join hands with BNB48 Club to create better understanding of BNB DeFi opportunities and support BNB48 Club to augment its community members partaking in DeFi.

Kava Labs will assign a validator from BNB48. It is not the first partnership between BNB48 Club and Kava Labs, as the former is one of the early users of the latter’s lending platform.

After BNB48 Club received the dictate from its Board of Directors, BNB48 Club took part in the Kava CDP platform and the USDX00 asset.

Kava Labs included BNB as an extra asset to offer higher returns to owners of BNB. BNB holders can also partake in BNB staking on the Kava CDP platform and withdraw USDX, stablecoin of Kava, while receiving extra coin rewards in the covenants.

In the meanwhile, both sides are doing necessary work to create a long-term fruitful collaboration to boost the value of BNB ecosystems and introduce additional DeFi services in the BNB ecosystem.

Together with Kava Labs, BNB48 will create and uphold the BNB Staking and BNB DeFi groups. Additionally, BNB holders will also be given necessary guidance and advice on BNB value addition.

In this regard, an education program will be structured to aid additional BNB holders to gain in-depth knowledge about risks related to BNB staking and even BNB DeFi staking.

Frequent virtual meetings will be conducted to offer up-to-date info to the groups regarding the creation of the BNB ecosystem. The opinion of community members will be obtained and there will be exchange of views regarding the advancement of the BNB ecosystem.

With regard to Kava Labs, BNB48 Club will act as its plenipotentiary in China to advocate Kava’s DeFi and lending products in China. Additionally, Kava Labs will transform the BNB48 club as one of the node service providers of Kava blockchain to offer staking technology and consultation.

BNB48 Club will play a crucial function in administering Kava network management and product enhancements and offer solutions and advises to guarantee the attribute of the Kava ecosystem.

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