KoinWa Launches EduBlok: Empowering African Students with Web3 Education October 3, 2023 October 3, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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KoinWa Launches EduBlok: Empowering African Students with Web3 Education

Nigerian cryptocurrency startup KoinWa has taken a significant step towards empowering university and college students with relevant skills by introducing EduBlok, a web3 education platform. This innovative initiative not only aligns with KoinWa’s mission of facilitating cryptocurrency transactions but also contributes to bridging the education gap in emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Empowering Students Through EduBlok:

KoinWa, a platform that facilitates cryptocurrency trading, emerged as one of the promising African fintech startups chosen for the inaugural Amazon Web Services (AWS) FinTech Africa Accelerator cohort in June. Building on this momentum, KoinWa’s CEO, Hakeem Disu, spearheaded the launch of EduBlok, an educational wing aimed at equipping users with blockchain knowledge and skills.


Hakeem Disu, who possesses both teaching credentials and the distinction of being the author of “How blockchain is solving real-life African problems,” emphasized the absence of blockchain education in Nigeria’s academic curriculum. He stated that EduBlok seeks to address this deficiency by developing academic curricula, textbooks, and delivering comprehensive blockchain education and entrepreneurship training.

EduBlok’s Impact and Outreach:

Funded by KoinWa, EduBlok has already made substantial strides in university-underserved communities. The platform has positively impacted over 10,000 individuals by providing them access to blockchain education. Additionally, EduBlok’s commitment to knowledge dissemination is underscored by its distribution of 15,000 e-books, further enriching the educational landscape in Nigeria.

Bridging the Technology Education Gap:

EduBlok’s mission aligns with the growing recognition of the importance of blockchain and web3 technologies in the global landscape. As these technologies continue to evolve and shape various industries, the need for a well-educated workforce becomes increasingly critical. EduBlok aims to bridge the gap between traditional educational offerings and the dynamic demands of the technology sector.

Enabling Future Innovators:

By providing blockchain education and entrepreneurship skills, EduBlok empowers students to become future innovators in the ever-expanding blockchain and web3 ecosystem. This initiative not only equips them with the technical know-how but also nurtures an entrepreneurial spirit, fostering the development of solutions that address real-world challenges.

A Pioneering Initiative:

KoinWa’s EduBlok initiative exemplifies the commitment of forward-thinking organizations to drive educational innovation in emerging technology sectors. As blockchain and web3 technologies gain prominence globally, such initiatives are crucial in ensuring that the workforce remains well-prepared to meet the demands of the digital age.


KoinWa’s launch of EduBlok underscores the company’s dedication to empowering the next generation of African students with essential web3 knowledge and skills. This initiative not only addresses the current educational gap but also positions these students to become future leaders and innovators in the dynamic world of blockchain and artificial intelligence. As EduBlok continues to expand its reach and impact, it holds the promise of transforming the educational landscape in Nigeria and beyond, creating a brighter and more tech-savvy future for all.

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