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LG Collaborates with Web3 Startup Label Foundation to Enhance Music Experience on Smart TVs

Leading smart TV manufacturer LG is exploring the possibilities of integrating music services into its devices through a partnership with web3 startup Label Foundation. LG aims to offer its users a seamless music experience, emphasizing background listening suitable for various daily activities such as work, study, or relaxation. This collaboration aligns with LG’s broader strategy to enhance its entertainment and media services on smart TVs, with ambitious plans to reach over 300 million devices powered by its webOS software within three years.


Background Music for Everyday Life:

Label Foundation’s ‘Tracks’ music service, designed for background listening, is at the heart of this collaboration. The service, available free of charge to users, aims to provide a musical backdrop for everyday tasks, whether it’s working, studying, or unwinding. It seeks to create a harmonious blend of technology and music to enhance the smart TV user experience.


Rewarding the Listener:

In addition to offering background music, the Tracks music service also integrates with the existing Tracks rewards program. This program allows listeners to earn tokens as they enjoy their favorite tunes. By combining music streaming with a rewards system, LG and Label Foundation aim to provide users with added value and incentives for their engagement.


Open Beta Launch and Mobile Accessibility:

The LG partnership coincided with the open beta launch of the Tracks service. Beyond smart TVs, Tracks is also accessible as an Android app, making it available to a wider audience across different devices. This multi-platform approach aligns with the evolving ways in which people consume music and media, catering to diverse preferences and lifestyles.


LG’s Ambitious Expansion Plans:

LG is not only focusing on enhancing its music offerings but is also determined to expand its presence in the entertainment and media services domain. The company recently outlined its vision to have more than 300 million devices powered by its webOS software within the next three years. To realize this goal, LG has committed to investing KRW 1 trillion (approximately $739.2 million at current exchange rates) in this aspect of its business over the next five years.


Enriching the Smart TV Experience:

LG’s partnership with Label Foundation represents a significant step toward enriching the smart TV experience. By integrating music services and rewards programs, LG aims to offer its users more than just a traditional television viewing experience. It seeks to create an ecosystem where entertainment, technology, and user engagement converge to provide a holistic and enjoyable experience for smart TV enthusiasts.



LG’s collaboration with Label Foundation underscores the growing importance of music and entertainment services in the world of smart TVs. As LG embarks on its ambitious journey to expand its webOS-powered devices, it recognizes the need to provide users with diverse and engaging content. The partnership with Label Foundation and the integration of the Tracks music service exemplify LG’s commitment to enhancing the everyday lives of its users through innovative and immersive digital experiences on its smart TVs.

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