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LINE NEXT Unveils “Sweet Monster Guardians” Web3 Game with NFT Integration

A Global Launch of “Sweet Monster Guardians


LINE NEXT Inc., the subsidiary of LINE dedicated to advancing the NFT ecosystem, has revealed the worldwide launch of GAME DOSI’s second game, “Sweet Monster Guardians,” spanning 180 countries. Notably, the game will not be available in South Korea, Japan, and China. Simultaneously, the public test phase for the new game “Project GD,” originating from GAME DOSI’s original game IP, will commence.


“Sweet Monster Guardians”: A Web3 Game with NFTs


“Sweet Monster Guardians” is a web game intricately woven with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and has been crafted by GAME DOSI. This Web3 game, blending puzzle and tower defense genres, is accessible directly via computers or mobile devices, obviating the need for additional downloads. This innovative game centers around Sweet Monster, a renowned South Korean brand specialized in IP licensing and dessert chain businesses.


A Fantasy Universe of Sweet Monsters


Set in a whimsical and fantastical universe, “Sweet Monster Guardians” stars sweet-natured monsters as bearers of happiness. United in their mission, these creatures safeguard the town from enigmatic external threats. Players are empowered to make strategic selections from a range of character cards, deploying them for combat against adversaries in diverse game modes. Merging cards can amplify character abilities, and real-time multiplayer mode enables players to compete with others.


Incentives for Sweetheart Monster NFT Holders


To celebrate the launch of “Sweet Monster Guardians,” those who possess Sweetheart Monster NFTs will receive in-game rewards. These NFTs can be seamlessly incorporated into the game, augmenting the players’ in-game energy. Furthermore, commencing from October 6th, exclusive “SWEET MONSTER GUARDIANS” NFTs will be available to the public via GAME DOSI.


First Game Test for “Project GD”


Simultaneously, LINE NEXT is initiating the first game test phase for “Project GD,” an original IP trading card game, set to continue until October 19th. This unrevealed card game necessitates players to amass digital cards and partake in one-on-one duels with fellow gamers. Throughout this testing period, members of GAME DOSI who are NFT holders will receive daily complimentary NFTs, which can be employed as in-game assets. Players providing valuable suggestions for game enhancements will be rewarded with NFTs, further cementing the integration of NFTs into the gaming experience.


In Summary


The launch of “Sweet Monster Guardians” heralds an exciting milestone in the NFT-infused gaming world, as LINE NEXT continues to expand the frontiers of NFT technology. The game’s global accessibility speaks to the broader adoption of Web3 concepts. With its fusion of sweet monsters, NFTs, and multiplayer gameplay, “Sweet Monster Guardians” ushers in a new era of immersive and engaging gaming experiences.


Additionally, the concurrent introduction of the “Project GD” testing phase underscores LINE NEXT’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of NFT gaming. By rewarding NFT holders and game enthusiasts for their participation and feedback, the company further emphasizes the transformative potential of NFTs within the gaming landscape. As these developments gain momentum, the world of gaming and NFTs converges, promising unique and rewarding experiences for players and collectors alike.

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