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LiquidApps Unveils vCPU, a Horizontal Blockchain Scaling Solution

LiquidApps, a blockchain focused startup, has unveiled a unique blockchain scalability system for decentralized application (DApps) creators. The system, dubbed vCPU, intends to ramp up blockchain processing ability in a horizontal manner, allowing higher computing strength every time than native blockchains.

LiquidApps revealed that vertical blockchain ramp up cause entry issues for interested miners and block creators, as it necessitates the authorization of nodes to increase capacity.

VCPU supposedly permits programmers to access a larger flow of decentralization computation as it assigns DApp service providers (DSPs) to read on-chain requests, carry out processing and deliver results to the soliciting DApp, which matches them on chain to eliminate wrong info and avoid conflict.

Among several features of vCPU, a prominent one is that it facilitates DApps to select the level of trustlessness more relevant and appropriate for the needs of a particular use case. LiquidApps lists a series of possible vCPU use cases, including unalterable analysis of criminal record, safeguarding info based forecast models for ballot, and neutral disbursement or division of resources or real estate.

LiquidApps explains the basic criteria which DApps should be able to comply for adoption of blockchain technology:

“building DApps that are indistinguishable from traditional applications in terms of usability and speed is a prerequisite to mass adoption of blockchain technology.”

It is important that the experience of a user should be intuitive to achieve mass adoption. So, the experience of a user matters whether it is the case of joining a blockchain network, communicating with a DApp during peak time or exiting from a centralized system.

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