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Lisk Partners with CryptoSmart’s Borderless Hub to Foster Blockchain Education

In a significant development within the blockchain sphere, Lisk, a prominent blockchain application platform, has unveiled a strategic partnership with CryptoSmart’s Borderless Hub. The primary aim of this partnership is to provide comprehensive blockchain knowledge and skill development to enthusiasts who are eager to delve into the world of blockchain technology.


For those seeking to make their foray into the Web3 space, the absence of a guiding platform can often present a daunting hurdle. However, this new collaboration seeks to dismantle this entry barrier and pave the way for individuals to explore the vast potential of blockchain technology.

A Game-Changing Alliance in the World of Blockchain

Joshua Ehizibue, the CEO of Lisk, shared his insights on the partnership and its overarching goals. He emphasized that this partnership is poised to eradicate the phenomenon of “blockchain tribalism” and instead foster the development of a local community comprising solution-oriented projects, proficient developers, and experts well-versed in the nuances of the blockchain space.


Lisk, founded in early 2016 by Oliver Beddows and Max Kordek, operates from its principal office in Zug, Switzerland, with the Lisk Foundation serving as the entity responsible for the management and oversight of Lisk’s operations.

Breaking Down Entry Barriers to Web3 with Lisk

This blockchain application platform empowers developers to craft blockchain-based applications and establish their own sidechains that are seamlessly connected to the Lisk network. It introduces a distinctive token founded on its proprietary blockchain network, denoted as LSK. The adaptability and scalability of these sidechains offer developers the freedom to design and implement a wide range of blockchain applications.


Lisk, committed to prioritizing user experience, provides valuable support for developers, comprehensive documentation, a JavaScript Software Development Kit (SDK), and an educational academy. These initiatives collectively aim to enhance the accessibility of blockchain technology. Moreover, the network operates on the basis of a highly efficient Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism, featuring delegates who are democratically elected to uphold the network’s integrity.


In a move that is expected to further bolster the adoption of blockchain technology, Lisk officially inaugurated its Lisk Nigeria community and hub at the Borderless 2.0 conference held in Port Harcourt last week. To facilitate the dissemination of blockchain knowledge and skills, Lisk has scheduled the commencement of its Web3 meetups at the Borderless Hub, beginning in January 2024.


The inception of cryptocurrency, marking the initial implementation of blockchain technology, transcended international financial barriers, heralding the proliferation of this groundbreaking technology across various economic sectors.


With the advent of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and the Web3 initiative, the utility of blockchain technology has expanded even further. These developments have kindled a growing appetite for enhanced financial empowerment, especially within the realm of blockchain technology. The partnership between Lisk and CryptoSmart is primed to address this demand by offering training and education, which will empower Nigerian communities financially in a collaborative and encouraging manner.


In conclusion, the collaboration between Lisk and CryptoSmart’s Borderless Hub is a testament to the transformative potential of partnerships within the blockchain ecosystem. By imparting knowledge and skills to budding blockchain enthusiasts, this alliance not only breaks down entry barriers to Web3 but also contributes to the proliferation of blockchain technology, fostering financial empowerment and inclusive growth in Nigerian communities.


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