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Market NewsFebruary 2, 2024 by Kelly Cromley Launches TON Blockchain Testnet for Inclusive Web3 Sports Fantasy, a prominent Web3 sports fantasy manager, has excitedly revealed the initiation of its innovative testnet on the Telegram Open Network (TON) blockchain, seamlessly integrated into the Telegram app. This development marks a significant stride towards realizing a shared vision of an inclusive and accessible blockchain future, aiming to extend the advantages of Web3 technologies to sports enthusiasts globally.’s Success on Polygon and Transition to TON


Having successfully concluded testing on the Polygon blockchain at the close of 2023, has seamlessly incorporated features such as gas-free transactions and tournaments into its operational mainnet on Polygon. Now, the platform is embarking on a new phase, leveraging the capabilities of the TON blockchain to make Web3 technologies more comprehensible and accessible to a broader audience.


TON Space and Ambitious User Acquisition Goals


The recent introduction of TON Space, an integrated self-service wallet within the Telegram app boasting 800 million monthly users (projected to reach 1.5 billion users by 2028), aligns with TON’s ambitious goal of attracting 30% of Telegram’s active users over the next 3-5 years. This objective surpasses the combined active audience of current Web3 users in the crypto industry by several folds, positioning it as a significant step towards achieving mass adoption.’s Vision for Collaboration with TON


Val Makovetskii, the founder and CEO of, expressed enthusiasm about TON’s role in fostering blockchain mass adoption. He highlighted’s position at the forefront of fantasy gaming within the TON ecosystem and its commitment to facilitating user migration to the TON chain.


Accelerating User Engagement through Testnet Incentives


In a bid to accelerate user engagement, introduces a more efficient and user-friendly testnet, enticing participants with a prize fund of up to 50,000 TON. The Maincard bot is now available on the Telegram app, allowing users to make sports predictions. The initial focus of the testnet is on the Battle mode, with Calls mode and tournaments to be introduced subsequently.


Comprehensive Guide and Reward Mechanism has provided a detailed guide for users on joining the testnet, emphasizing a user-friendly experience. The prize pool is allocated among the most active users engaging in fantasy predictions, testing game mechanics, bringing in referrals, and staying active on social networks.


Distinctive Features of the Testnet


A notable feature of this testnet is the flexibility for participants to choose immediate rewards in TON tokens or slightly delayed rewards in MCN tokens, Maincard’s native token. MCN tokens are instrumental in powering the platform, offering users the ability to earn rewards, participate in tournaments, repair cards, and engage in marketplace transactions.


Stable Foundation for Development and 2024 Plans


In contrast to other Web3 projects, adopts a unique approach where token distribution is primarily to early users, ensuring stability in project development. The plans for 2024 include listing the Maincoin (MCN) token on major Tier-1 exchanges, solidifying the project’s position and ensuring a robust foundation for its ongoing development.

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