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Make Money By Playing 16 Ethereum Blockchain Based Games

Crypto enthusiasts have always argued that blockchain has the potential to drastically change the manner in which games are played online through the use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). ConsenSys media has listed 16 real-time NFT-based games that can be played by users and also earn some cash for doing so.

ConsenSys has mentioned that blockchain-powered games are silently confirming the impact it can have on any industry when the blockchain community continues to perform network upgrades, implement scalability and promote them to the public. Ethereum developers have defined ERC-721 tokens as non-fungible tokens.

The major difference between ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens is that the value of one token is different from another in case of latter. These ERC-721 tokens are being rewarded to winners of games. ConsenSys has disclosed that roughly $600 was made by one of its members in a matter of three hours using NFTs released on Ethereum blockchain.

Furthermore, ConsenSys provided the list of games which use NFTs that are uniquely and offered for purchase or sale on Ethereum blockchain. The list includes CryptoKitties, a “Collectible and Trading Game,” the popular Ethereum-based game that facilitates users to purchase, breed and trade exclusive virtual kittens.

Etheremon – permits users to capture, coach and trade exclusive creatures named Mons.

PlasmaBears – Peculiar digital bears can be created and traded or sent on adventures to voyages to uncover wearable assets.

0X Universe – Permits users to build a spaceship, examine the galaxy, colonize new planets and sell various resources.

Battling Games – includes games such as Chibi Fighters where players can fight and trade virtual warriors and also amass weapons.

There are other battling games such as Hyperdragons where users can breed and coach virtual dragons and MyCryptoHeroes that allows users to acquire, prepare and battle with non-fictional figures.

Other famous games include Axie Infinity, World of Ether, Blockchain Cuties and Gods Unchained.

There are also “Strategy Games” such as Decentraland, which is a virtual reality world where consumers receive a parcel of land to setup and trade assets.

CryptoAssault – customers instruct an army in a 3D world.

CryptoBaseball – tokens are used to play baseball. Notably, tokens represent real baseball players and real-world performances are portrayed.

Artwork Trading is the last category listed by ConsenSys. It is where NFTs are also used to trade unique digital arts offered by artwork trading applications such as CryptoSketches and SuperRare.

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